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Nourish your belly, mind, and body with wonderful Food, Art, and Yoga! Many aspire to find happiness in their lives but have difficulty obtaining or sustaining it. However, happiness should not be so hard to attain if you look for it in the right place – YOU! There’s no need to look for external or materialistic fulfillment. Everything you need to be truly happy is already inside of you. We believe that happiness is best achieved with a nourished body, a healthy mind, and an awakened spirit. We are excited to share our journeys together toward self-discovery and true happiness. Please visit our website for more inspiration! (http://livingfay.com/)

We would love for you to join us in:

Nourishing our bellies with:

- Food that supports the growth, development, and health of our bodies

- Joyful cooking with simple and healthy ingredients

- Nutritious and delicious recipes

Nourishing our minds with:

Art creation

- Strengthen our intuition and enhance mindfulness in art creation

- Discover our creative potentials and feed our inner artists

- Experience stress relief and joy through the process of art making

- Explore our natural creation abilities in a non-judgmental and supportive environment

Nourishing our bodies and minds with:

Yoga and meditation

- Empower our physical bodies by improving flexibility, strength, and balance

- Release stress, improve mental control, and discover our inner calm

- Achieve overall wellness of mental, spiritual, and physical health

- Begin the journey to a healthier and happier mind, body, and soul

Please visit our blog for more inspiration! http://livingfay.com/

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