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What we’re about

I will be merging this meetup into KW Cyber Security (the topics were similar in nature) this fall. I will cross post events for a bit.
We wll be getting back into the meetup game this fall of 2022, covid scourge be damned!

Chautauqua is a principle of continuous adult education. 

The seed of this group is a set of people who have worked together on a variety of technologies, and now, as a diaspora, are learning new things and want to share.
Want to see how micro-services is working for someone else? How CircleCI versus TravisCI versus GitlabCI are playing out?
Its to help us amortise the costs of 'like investigations' (e.g. big data, e.g. patent strategies, e.g. cloud orchestration, e.g. unit test, CI, pipelines, ...), leveraging our trust in each other over online research.
Topics to rotate, but generally be about the trials and tribulations of getting new softwareish/cloudish products going and building the teams that do them.
And its a chance to have a slice of pizza and see what's shaking in the world.