What we're about

Let's build some prototypes with new technology.

We are all about learning new things here, so if there is any technologies you would like to play around with, let's do it.

What are we going to prototype over the next year?

Basic eCommerce site

• React

• Redux

• TypeScript

Back-office site to support eCommerce site

• Angular 8 (with new Ivy Rendering engine)? or React?

• RxJS

• NgRX

Workflows and Integrations

• nServiceBus - Saga prototype

• Azure Service Bus

• Azure Storage

• nServiceBus - Service Insight and Service Pulse


• Apollo GraphQL

• AWS AppSync

• Azure SQL

Upcoming events (1)

Kickoff (Virtual) Meeting

Slack Online Meeting

Compile prototype list members want to work on Get members access to resources we will be leveraging. Review colloboration toolset for any gaps. Discuss special guest lineup Discuss venue news and options Discuss sponsor preperations Slack Invite: https://join.slack.com/t/waukeshatechp-wwv9192/shared_invite/enQtNzYyNDUzOTEyNDU0LTM1MzU2MzcyNTRkZDA4M2U3NmQxODIzZDI2YmQ5MzBkMjdlODRhNDUxMjE0MDRhMTYzZGQwZjQyOTU3MGE5ZmU