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Music collectors in the Tampa St Pete area are lucky to have abundant resources available to them. Over a dozen music stores including the largest (by inventory) store in the world! Whether you are a seasoned veteran from the old days, a hipster who went beyond the fad and found a deeper appreciation, or a neophyte curious about starting an exploration into the record store stacks you are welcome to join us. We foster education, discovery, and share knowledge; music snobs and pretentious audiophiles are not counted in our ranks.

What the group vision is: Planning an outing to a local record shop where we arrange to have a meet and greet with the owner to discuss the shop or some topic of interest (maybe vintage equipment repair with a SE technician) before hitting the stacks. After we can meet for a bite and do some show and tell with our finds. Perhaps down the road we can have listening parties and get togethers, whether that's at someone's home, taking over a local bar on a slow night (we have connections), or at one of the record shops.

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Meet the Owner - Microgroove Records

Microgroove Records

I've arranged to have a meet and greet for our members and Keith, the owner of Microgroove Records. If you are unfamiliar with Keith he is one of the largest advocates and supporters of the local music scene, he's also been a part of the Tampa scenery (and elsewhere on tour) as the drummer for the band Pohgoh. The store itself is the goldilocks size of being big enough to have an interesting selection, and small enough that you can flip through the entire inventory before feeling fatigued. He is also highly selective about the quality of the vinyl that makes it to the shelves, you won't find better conditions at such fair prices anywhere in Tampa. Truly one of the best record stores in town.

Record Store Day 2019

Sound Exchange Tampa

Sound Exchange Tampa should have one of the larger selections for RSD available, as well as a bigger staff and tons of parking. If you've never done RSD before prepare to wait in line (come early if you want to avoid the lines) and prepare to be disappointed. I've yet to come across any "have to have" selections, and they do tend to be overpriced. If you are attending just to witness the spectacle and see the biggest shopping day for your local independent stores then you'll find it amusing.

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Florida Audio Expo

The Embassy Suites Tampa - Airport

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