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If you are a man looking to improve any area of your life; health, family (wife, kids, parents), career or relationships with women, you must join and attend the meet-ups... If you want to find the source of your power, find and live your purpose, live at you edge on a daily basis, be attractive to woman or make more money, you must join and attend the meet-ups.

Through the power of a masculine men's circle, The Way of the Sterling Man meet-up will motivate and inspire men to break through their fears and barriers and become the man the want to be.

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Enjoy Your Men's Criticism

8 Prospect St

A man's capacity to receive another man's direct criticism is a measure of his capacity to receive masculine energy. If he doesn't have a good relationship to masculine energy, then he will act like a woman and be hurt or defensive rather than make use of another man's criticism. If you merely want support from your friends without challenge, it bespeaks an unresolved issue you may have with your father, whether he is alive or dead. The father force is the force of loving challenge and guidance. Without this masculine force in your life, your direction becomes unchecked, and you are liable to meander in the mush of your own ambiguity and indecision. Your close men can provide the stark light of love - uncompromised by a fearful Mr. Nice act - by which you can see the direction you really want to go. - David Deida, Way of the Superior Man This is an outdoor meeting at a residential address. Dress appropriately. Bring an arm full of DRY wood. The agenda will include, but not limited to, the following; - Statement and agreement of confidentiality. - Check in of each man - what's up in your life, where are you struggling, where do you need help, where are you kicking ass. - A fun game. - Stark, honest, direct feedback on how you are being as a man in various areas of your life; as a husband, a father, an employee, a boss, a coach.

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Enjoy Your Men's Criticism

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