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The meditations in this group are not the typical meditation practice, they are meant to build on and are not only dynamic and experiential but ultimately very transformational.

The group is for all woman

As we are powerful in our diversity, shape, size, cultural and religious backgrounds we come together wanting harmony inside and out. This group is for woman who want to experience their innate power through practicing Tibetan Yoga Meditation.

Every woman is affected by the dynamic energies within that shape behavior and influence emotions. Recognizing and activating these indwelling energies can make these forces more accessible and contribute to greater understanding and transform our consciousness and open us to direct mystical experiences that bring wisdom. We can move beyond the stresses of anxiety and depression to experience clarity, joy and a more fulfilled existence, realizing our inner potential and un-manifested dreams.

How do we open ourselves up to make a connection to these potent energies, energies that have been a source of inspiration and change throughout every culture through time?

Meditation is the key, bridging the gap between the outer and inner world. We apply methods in meditation that allow for the safe unfolding and transformation of energy using the chakras and pathways and learn how to apply it to the inner work, guiding the energy using some breath, mantra and visuals. These are female empowering meditations using traditional Tibetan female archetypes.

We weave and cultivate the power and energy from earth and sky to propel our practice, and also learn to use it for the benefit of others when and if one is moved to apply energy medicine practices.

If you are an aspirant of the spiritual or one who is looking for guidance and seek a more intense and powerful method that manifests very quickly when applied...this path is for you.

We also appreciate an accurate assessment of your RSVP for a class since space can be limited , not all attendance is from meetup.

If you would like to see more about upcoming event locations in Riverside, past events and pics..please go to

Meetup / Way of the Tigress ~ Riverside

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Tibetan Yoga Energy Meditation & Sound Bliss

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Tibetan Yoga Energy Meditation & Sound Bliss

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