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This group is dedicated to pen and paper RPGs of all kinds. All are invited to post events! We want to help you find games and players! We have a vast library of RPG core books, supplements, and modules at our disposal (and yours too if you are willing to contribute to the library). If you'd like to help support us you can head over to our Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/wehatebards)

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A New Beginning! a Mutants & Masterminds campaign

Online event

Current power level is 10 with the characters having a minimum of 148 Power Points. After calamity strikes Grand Rapids and the world, the skies are darken by dust clouds for 3 days, on the night of the third day it begins to rain mud. On the morning of the fourth day the sky is cleared but the ground is covered in mud which is slowly drying. The mud contains sparkly crystals that are smaller pieces of non-Terrestrial crystals that the heroes have encountered before. The heroes help get a giant water powered generator into the Grand River and then escort a professor to GVSU Allendale, where the professors use hard disks to reboot an old satellite communications system and observe massive changes to the world, cities and countries are destroyed. Every coastline they saw was changed, new seas have formed and lands have risen from the oceans. Mexico and the USA have new seas and the Gulf of Mexico's coastline has dramatically changed as Florida has nearly doubled in size. Washington DC and Baltimore have been flooded as Delaware has become an island! While on campus they discover an unconscious man with a large greenish gray crystal embedded in his sternum, who had been unconscious for more than 3 days until they recovered him. One of the heroes has discovered how to make portals and they use this power to take him to a hospital. A cult, the Church of C'Hudt has taken over a large swath of Easttown and have been giving members superhuman powers. The heroes stole the cult's machine that grants powers and used it to give 3 of them more power and the forth one blew up! Character notes- No technology dependent powers like Iron Man, Cyborg, or Bloodshot or gadget based until after this session. Your characters should live in Grand Rapids, have jobs or vocations, homes and people that they have relationships with (family, friends, partners, and/ or children) and if you know one another and are willing to help one another would be helpful. Current power level is 10 with the characters having a minimum of 148 Power Points.

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Out of the Box Games - Kentwood

<<<=THIS GAME IS FULL=>>> Bob is running a Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game campaign of Keep on the Boarderlands! Join him every other week. The rules and books can be found here for free- https://www.basicfantasy.org/downloads.html

Welcome to the Zompocalypse!

Out of the Box Games - Kentwood

Welcome to the Zompocalypse! High role-play, medium combat, low magic. Some rules changes will be discussed at session zero. All characters will be human and start out as a fighter. Open by invitation only. No exceptions.

Early Sunday D&D - Online

Online event

We are full. Event location will be sent out to players.

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Bob's Eberron Game

Out of the Box Games - Kentwood

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