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For a while now, we have been meeting talented people (designers, furniture makers, machine operators, idea people, artisans, etc.) that make really cool stuff, and we keep finding that the people we meet often don't know the other people we meet. We think this should change. New Orleans has a vibrant community of people that make awesome products and provide cool services, so it makes sense that we should all meet up and see each others’ work.

With that goal in mind, we have organized a Meetup group online and we plan to have monthly or bi-monthly meetups where we can get together and talk about what we are working on, efforts in the city that benefit us, etc. Who wouldn’t want to have a few tasty (and free) beverages and talk with some really rad people?!

We hope to see you there! Please feel free to share this with friends who you feel will benefit (and benefit from) the group. Although we don’t want to discourage anyone from joining/attending, we definitely aim to have people who are *makers* be the core members of this group. While every maker is an artist at heart, there are plenty of art groups in the city already. We are looking for those people who like to get their hands dirty crafting various products, designing functional pieces, etc. Those DIY kinda folk – you dig?

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