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Our goal is to create a developers community, one that helps and enrich each other by sharing the latest news and updates in Software Development, DevOps, Machine (and Deep) Learning, Data Science, Data Engineering and more.

We host hands-on development sessions for the educational open-source project - https://www.github.com/Keep-Current , which uses Natural Language Processing and recommendation system algorithms to keep you up to date by filtering personalized relevant content. This enables you to 'get your hands dirty' with machine learning, learning and experiencing software architecture (i.e. hexagon, clean-code, etc.), playing around with front-end technologies or different databases (ArangoDB, GraknDB, ScylliaDB, etc.).

For more information, visit the Keep-Current project website (https://keep-current.github.io).

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NLP-Vienna - first meetup


!!! IMPORTANT !!! We only have 20 seats here, so if the list is full - please register on the official meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/nlp-vienna/events/261452867/ Welcome to the first NLP meetup in Vienna. These meetups are intended for practitioners and researchers in the field of Natural Language Processing. Where we will present and discuss NLP related topics and get updated with the recent news in the field. Schedule: 18:30 - Gathering 19:00 - Short overview of recent NLP News and Trendy Topics by: Adrian M.P. Brasoveanu :: Researcher at MODUL Technology Guilherme Rodrigues :: Software Engineer at Semantic Web Company (SWC) 19:30 - two talks: Andrea Madunic :: Statistician at Children's Cancer Research Institute Classification of law-related text using ULMFiT & BERT Daniel T. Soukup :: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Vienna Getting meaningful insights by extracting geo-location info from text 20:00 - Refreshments + Networking

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data4good Hackathon

A1 Telekom Austria Group office building

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