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Let's Get Offline and Get Going!!
We're all about fun and adventure!! Come here to meet other adventure seekers and new friends with common interests...while enjoying what life has to offer!! And "Adventure" doesn't just mean outdoor sporty stuff...
This is about meeting fun new people to do all the things you keep putting off doing because you can never find that friend to do them with. WeGottaGo! can mean seeing an exhibit you've been wanting to see, trying a new restaurant, getting away for a roadtrip, etc...
We will try any adventure at least once - cycling, hiking, hot air balloons, skiing and snowboarding adventures, rock climbing, weekend travel adventures, outdoor adventures, indoor adventures, upscales galas, dive bars, happy hours, cooking classes, party cruises, gallery openings, professional networking, nightlife adventures, travel adventures, adventures for singles as well as food and wine tasting adventures!
Anything your little heart can dream up! There is no age limit and everyone is welcome. Whether you are married, single, new to town, etc.....It's all about meeting new friends and having a great time.
All suggestions from the group are welcome!!
Feel free to post your ideas for a WeGottaGo LA! meetup and invite your friends!


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Salton Sea Adventure, Ladder Cyn, Meteor Showers. Mud-Volcanoes #Salvation Mtn!

We Gotta Go Out Of Town!! We will do the Ladder Cyn Hike and the Grottoes, and the other Cultural Wasteland Oddities. This is easy camping, moderate hiking and a culture vulture tour all in one! The itinerary: Fri (eve): • Arrive when you can. Settle in to camp. Dinner, Games (as in game night), or just appreciate the quiet and solitude, and the dark skies bright with stars. The Orionids Meteor Showers are in progress while we are there. Spectacular Dark Skies Sat: Painted Canyon, Little Painted Canyon, and Big Split Rock and Salton Sea in general. Sun Mud Volcanoes, Obsidian Buttes, Bombay Beach, Salvation Mtn, East Jesus, The International Banana Museum, The Dinos at Cabozan. We will pack in a LOT!!! Painted Canyon, Little Painted Canyon, and Big Split Rock. One has Ladders along the route. another has a Knotted rope line. Hence Ladder Cyn Hike and Rope Cyn Hike. Little Painted has no added appliances. Big Split Rock is not even on the agenda but it can be done on Sunday if you don't want to do the cultural wasteland tour. The Grottos, . . now that is unique to CA, . . . They are also called Mud Caves. They are Slot Canyons that grew too deep and were close at the top and got covered at the top of the channel. They are safe. There are light shafts that shoot in. It's like nothing else. We get the visit to the Salton Sea, . . . the longest running man-made natural disaster. The Mud Volcanoes are a byproduct of the weight of the water. Bombay beach is the result of a salt swamp reclaiming the land. Salvation Mtn and East Jesus are kinda like a permanent burning man sites. The Bannana Museum, The Dinos at Cabozan, . . . It's all just awesome. While we are there the Oronid Metor Shower is happening!!!! Better to come and see for yourself. Accommodations: We will be staying at the Group Site at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area. It will have showers, flush toilets and electricity. COST: $65 Per Person for early birds. Secure your spot now!!! https://paypal.me/ExposedCalifornia/65 Space is limited. If space sells out this link will be removed. $80 per as the time gets closer. TERMS: The ONLY was to hold your spot is payment. Payment is Fully Refundable if you cancel more than 2 weeks before the event. Under 2 weeks and credit given for future event. Fee Induces: 2 nights campsite, firewood, guided and curated tours, carpool matching, and memories and photos for a lifetime. Questions: Q I don't camp OR I have not camped OR I am a newbie camper. Is this a good start? A YES!!!! Car is steps from the site. Site is flat and without rocks. Plenty people there to help and be company. Small convenience store close. Clean bathrooms with flush toilets and running water and even showers!! Our site should even have electricity too. And with all this we are still miles from civilization in every direction. Q I want to come but don't have a friend to come with. A Most folks come on their own. After all it is a meetup. You will feel right at home with a good bunch of good people enjoying the stunning outdoors and adventure. Q I want to do the hiking but not the cultural wasteland stuff on Sunday. A That's OK. There will be some folks who do a second set of hikes on Sunday. Q I want to do the cultural wasteland stuff on Sunday but not the Sat hikes. A That's OK. There is a list of places for you to go and do on Sat that will be bonus sites for those folks. Q I don't have a tent. A Send a note. There are extra. And also arrange to share with somebody too. Q I want to go but don't think I am strong enough to do both hikes. A OK. Do one or or the other. The hikes are moderate. LINKS LINKS LINKS Ladder Canyon https://youtu.be/QwuQuaSna4I Mud Volcanoes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj3icM-6xpI Obsidian Buttes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d6ANmO1cbI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_unt3l372c East Jesus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTg7tKsjMno Salvation Mountain https://youtu.be/RR2ZRBd4DsI

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