What we're about

I host random Saturday nights... usually one per month at my place but also screening at theaters.

This is a horror movie group for just gay dudes (heteroflexibles/bi/whatever cool too)... age range 20-50 usually... we meet at my place and watch... you guessed it.. horror movies.

It's all about hanging out and talking horror... I make home made pizza (or order out if i'm lazy) and share snacks. Got me a cotton candy machine and popcorn machine and arcade game and big TV and couches. It's nerdy. geeky. scary fun.

I do usually 2 movies. Best to have less than 10 guys at a time. More comfortable.

We enjoy the good ones and have fun with the bad ones. We watch them, in the dark, don't talk much during. Then talk about it after.

I show all types from 70s to today. 80's slashers are my favorite. Love Italian horrors. The modern supernaturals are fun as well.

We also meet up at theaters (like New Beverly, the Egyptian, Aero, Vista) for midnight screenings. Stuff like They Live, Alien, Fright Night... on and on. So much better to see these on a big screen. Or for new releases at the grove or amc sunset 5 in west hollywood. Last year we did IT, Alien Covenant, Annabelle, Get Out.., etc.

Been hosting for 10 years. It's fun. Nerdy. Scaretastic.

The types of classics I like and show... Fright Night, The Burning, NY Ripper, Argento movies, Carpenter, Craven, 90's Scream ripoffs, direct to video, classics like The Thing or amazing b-movies like Chopping Mall. We also do new direct to video/vod or new releases we miss on screen.

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