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Hi. My name is Reginald and I LOVVVEEEEE EXPLORING NEW AND OLD PLACES!!! I designed this site to find like minded individuals that love to Explore, nature and life overall. I wanted to find other explorers that desired to travel the world with our backpacks and hike, camp, bike, paddle, travel, climb, snow sports and more. I love Exploring so much, I often do it alone, but I enjoy company too. This site is a community space for other lovers of the outdoors to Meet, Play, Travel and of course Explore.

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Explore Popular destinations in Africa

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The most out-there tour anywhere...
Its name means “sunny place” in the Berber tongue, but “Africa” may as well be a synonym for “vastness.” A truly massive continent comprising over 20% of the planet’s available land, Africa is home to the world’s largest desert, its longest river, its hottest temperatures, and hundreds of dialects and cultures spread among a billion people. But as mind-boggling as it seems at first, you’ll be amazed how intimate it feels once you get to know it. This is adventure’s last great frontier. Come blaze some trails.

Islands you can visit without a US Passport.

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Islands you can visit without a US Passport.
Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Hawaii.

Costa Rica

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Welcome Fellow Explorers!
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Are you ready to visit Costa Rica?
October 19 -23, 2023
Let us plan and do the work for you!

Visit the hot springs in Costa Rica
You will have access to soak at your leisure in 25 different hot springs of varying temperatures.

Not Enough, Ok... Also included a guided rainforest hike at the hanging bridges National Park...

For more info: https://theanexperience.samcart.com/products/costa-rica-hot-springs--deposit/

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Please visit www.weloveexploring.com for social media connections and Adventure Travel. Most importantly, be safe and have a great time.
Bring water and snacks, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Always let someone know where you’re going and your expected time to return.

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Remote Income While Traveling...

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