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Who deserve no more than that cardboard box?

I don’t know about you but I think those haven lied or irresponsible in keeping a roof over their heads, deserve no more than that cardboard box. And not one of them better look to me with their lips moving, not when we've lived in our house (I might add, our first house) now for 16 years and done the right things. With an interest rate of 6.25 fixed, 30 years and have not refinanced once. I have not refied to use "equity for that pool" I've been dreaming of (I love to swim, but go to a neighbor’s house and enjoy theirs), nor finished remodeling the kitchen my wife so desperately deserves. I believe living here in Texas :-}; there is "NO stick and brick worth over $90.00 a square foot, regardless of "the appraisal value". Nor just because of a "new tax break" will we now buy another house for the next? 5 years? I also do not look to the equity in our home as part of our disposable income. Always focusing on simply paying off our mortgage, hopefully we then will never have to worry about having a roof over our sensible heads.

16 years ago we qualified for about a quarter of million dollar home loan, our purchase price (by design) on our home was $93,000 (even walked in the door with equity$$). It's a lovely house, 3/2/2 with room for the kid’s friends to raid consumables from 3-9pm. We entered our mortgage agreement with the sensible forethought that, if it went to well in a hand basket we could keep a roof over ourselves and our two kid’s heads. We also wish we could afford to have five children, but can't afford college for three more, cars, weddings, quality of life, you know the forethought of sensible heads. Have I mentioned yet when you buy a two year old Ford Excursion you save over $25,000 dollars of MSRP, that's about half price in twenty four months (worth waiting for in my sensible opinion). Every financial decision we make is tempered with forethought in providing our family with constant security. We then applied these savings to our retirement, but that’s another story. No, I will mention in 2008 we lost 46.8%, crushing possibly both our kid’s education and our retirement plans, thanks to Wall Streets greed.

So at this point as I'm about to come apart at the seams, remind me why any hard working American should give a spit about someone who can't read/understand a mortgage contract. Nor applied forethought in providing, "their own family" with constant security. If they do not have the grey matter to comprehend a legal document or just not give a spit, just live for the day to keep up with the Jones, well then aren't we as a society much better off "without that gene pool? Gosh darn it, "it is not my responsibility to pay for their sorry bass decision making"!!! I am so tired of paying to rise someone else's fourteen kids, now the simple minded making bad mortgage decisions, educational grants when I'm now trying to figure out how to pay for my two kids college, higher auto insurance because others drive without it, shop-lifting built into all product pricing I pay for, 100,000+ babies born to non-residents annually that's about to break not only my back, my bank, along with my sanity!!!!! Why in the well are honest/hard working Americans who make the right decisions for the most part, sacrificing with less by doing the right thing, responsible for the propagating well being of the simple minded?? My granddaddy used to say, if you’re not helping out here around the farm son, you might end up on the plate......

Listen I will be the first to step up to the plate in helping responsible hard working Americans who lost their jobs do to repercussions of Wall Street fleecing the globe. But we hard working Americans must unit to assemble in protest against our dollars (we now have remaining) being use in comforting, repeatedly bad decisions being made by our village idiots. If you lied about your income on your mortgage application, don’t look to me with your lips moving. If you signed a mortgage agreement for more than $130.00 as sq. ft., don’t look to me with your lips moving. If you truly believed home prices could continue to rise 20% annually, don’t look to me with your lips moving. If you refied your house more than once in a three years period, then used the equity each time to, pay off credit cards, put that $50,000 pool in, big screen TV, new car, and remodel the kitchen and now once again back in credit card depth and can’t pay your mortgage; don’t look to me with your freakin lips moving!!!
"American we must start assembling to be seen", because our professional politicians apparently aren’t listening to anyone still, but their corporate donors. We proud American “must” begin to gather friends/neighbors and family in visible protest against the lack of responsible leadership from most all our elected officials. Americans it’s not just Washington’s addiction to donors that got us here, it’s at your city and state levels as well. And I’m not talking about any means but constructive assembly. Those of us with the courage to begin these gathering will ignite an assembly that will pale the most recent one in Washington. Are we going to remain apathetic Americans until they run it into the ground or do you want to ignite something powerful enough to make “Real Change”? If you think you don’t have the time now to assemble, it won’t be long at the rate or politicians are going and you’ll have all the free time you can stand…

By the way, I was talking with a candidate on the phone a few days ago. After my conversation with him and the fact that he had been out of work for such a long time, prompted the content I've written below. Unfortunately this content below will also be fitting for many more “hard working Americans” with what is yet to come, as a result from the lack of leadership in this country and from these self centered American dollar addicts :-{ Can even we responsible hard working Americans survive the DOW at 7400 and falling, when next bad credit reporting is yet to come (DOW-4400)? This is far from being over people; remember corporations have been allowed these shell games to bleed turnips for a long time now.

"I would give anything"

As I stare at him now, please God, don't let him look my way.
If he did he might ask, I now have nothing left to say.
He still says I'm his best friend, so I shouldn't feel this way.
But it's been almost two years since I've brought home my last two weeks pay.
Before then with head high, you should have seen us, we were quite the team.
It was fencing, soccer, straight A’s and in his eyes, they too had this dream.
It was God, family, education, hard work and with smiles left in between.
I remembered when I would tickle him, man you could sure hear that kid scream.
Although, due to no fault of mine,
once always responsible, mortgage, cars, 401k always on time.
Now there are simply too many of us who've fallen behind.
Once proud Americans on our faces you knew,
although pay check to pay check, we all had plenty to do.
But all suffer now from the privileged few.
That's what's so hard to wrap my head around.
Much less trying to explain to my eleven year old son,
whom I now watch staring out his window with a frown.
Maybe if those who caused all these bad things,
could explain to my son, as I look to now see him wipe one more tear from his eye.
Oh God, I would give anything,
if those who caused us to have lost hopes of our dreams.
Maybe it would have changed everything,
if they themselves were the ones now standing here,
who must, look away or cry.

Written by your friend for Liberty in Texas, Tucker

They can print money until the cows come home people, and it isn't going to help one flipping bit!!!! Not until "We the People demand" many of these greedy criminals from the SEC (what a joke, how many new millionaires in the last 5 years exist their), Ratings Agencies, Capital Hill and Wall Street con artist go to flipping jail, will investors confidence be restored in America. Who's been indicted or gone to jail so far?, NO ONE!!!, were is the DOW, your 401K, IRA's today!!! #ell Burny Madoff still sits in his penthouse!!! All Americans must be awakened; this same group that conned us out of our retirement is now sucking the life out of our grandchildren's future. As I close please consider the following: If the relationships between our elected officials and corporate America aren't as suspicious as We the People consider them to be. Then why are our elected officials the only ones willing now, to throw away “our good tax dollars” at their donor’s failed business models. "Fire them all, breakout your pitchforks kids, we need to be going to Washington or this "will get a whoooooole lot worse."

But until "We the People" demand from "our public servants" in Washington public financing of all congressional campaigns, "We the People" demand politicians can no longer except money from lobbyists and political action committees known as PACs ( aka "Politicians are Corrupt, Crooked, or Criminals"; depending upon your preference ), "We the People" demand no more earmarks for pet projects in federal spending bills, oh and most of all term limits and transparency in "OUR" government for "We the People". Unless We the People "demand from our public servants" these changes, these professional pandering politicians in both parties will always be puppets to soulless corporations and our 232 years will have been all for not.

I know everyone who is receiving this has a personal stake in this stimulus and we all must unite to be heard!!! The following link is to, on this web-site you can find contact/email info for "your" Washington representatives . If their not hearing from you their hearing from someone that wants, "now even more of your money"!!!!!!

Your friend for Liberty in Texas, Tucker

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