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Are you curious about the incredible power of your thoughts, the difference between your brain and your mind? What is this talk you hear these days of "vibration" and "peoples energy"?

As consultants of the legendary Bob Proctor in the self development industry, we intend in this meeting to share insights into the power of becoming aware of the Laws of the Universe that govern us. They are absolutely factors that affect wealth building, and financial empowerment as well as self fulfillment and happiness in all areas of life. Since these laws are not man made, they don't change and once we know them they are very predictable. If you don't have faith and trust in yourself, You CAN have faith in these immutable Laws which will bring you results. By learning about these laws and the infinite powers of your being, you will begin to develop more faith and understanding which will lead you to behave differently and eventually produce the results you desire.

We will start with looking at where you are, where you want to go - and ask the question: Why are you not there already? What is is that might be holding you back? Which Laws can you put into action to get you unstuck and on the road to success?

Bring a notebook. There is a good chance you will meet other people that will become mastermind partners or accountability partners in your quest for awareness.

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