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South Atlanta Orientation
This is the first exposure to the network and community, please bring material to take notes or simply take pictures with your phone. Please RVSP and I will send you a message requesting information for registration and location will be given once you are registered. All guest must be registered before the introduction meeting beginnings. Thank you

Needs a location

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What we're about

The purpose of this group is to expose you to a nationwide network of real estate investors. Join us and get a glimpse of how you can turn your dreams into achievable goals by leveraging the five pillars of wealth.

1. Business- Your greatest ROI
Make a lasting legacy and take advantage of the business ownership write-offs.
2. Taxes- Your largest expense in life.
Employee write-offs 15-20 vs Business owner write-offs Nearly 400.
Turn your life into a tax deduction.
3. Banking- What is velocity banking?
Accelerated Debt Reduction. A unique strategy to pay down debt at an accelerated rate without paying any more money out of pocket.
4: Real estate: Income
Those who know strategies make more money than those who don't
Real Estate Investors make money in good and bad markets.
5. Education- Napoleon Hill said two "The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge," and "Action is the real measure of intelligence."
Pay down debt, create and control cash flow, create financial security, responsible credit utilization, pay less interest and invest in real estate.
Wealth is a Mindset. Invest in Yourself. We all want to live better lifestyles, provide for our families and most want more recognition from our friends and family. Most want to give back to their communities and help others. Most want knowledge. Wouldn't it be in IDEAL to leverage the 5 pillars of wealth?

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