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What we're about

Wealth Hackr is a meetup group dedicated to helping people get ahead in life.

We have 5 Programs for different groups of people.

Tax Savings

In our Tax Savings Seminars - we have 3 levels.

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced


Our Beginner Talks address the ability to save taxes that you may have overpaid in the past. Basically if you can fog a mirror, are Canadian or Landed Immigrant, and pay taxes - you have a chance to qualify.

We teach basic money principles - and show how taxes eat away at your ability to invest and get ahead. Then we show you cash flow patterns that help you reach the goals you aspire to.

There's no cost for the basics - and there's no upfront costs at all. You only pay if you get results!


The intermediate talks go into helping you save taxes for this year and every upcoming year forward and beyond. It's the #1 tax strategy that all employees should be utilizing.

The Catch? - This talk was our flagship talk in the past - and if we can help save you tax dollars, we just ask that you pay it forward and donate a small portion of your savings to a local charity.

You should join if

* You're an employee and paying lots of taxes and would like to save some
* You're vested in your community and would like to see schools, and non-profits get the funding they deserve
* You're looking to learn "how money works" and want to network with like minded individuals


If you've got a business that's stood the test of time for a few years, or you're a high tax bracket earner - it's time to look at some of the more advanced strategies.

In this seminar we teach you multiple ways on how to save tens of thousands (upwards to millions) of dollars in taxes, and how to structure yourself and your corporations in a much more efficient manner.

Fund Raising

If you're a charitable organization looking to raise more funds for your vision - look no further. We have a B2C and B2B model that works great in helping people raise money in their local communities to help make life better all around for everyone.

Come and visit this session if you want to see a model that's raised 100's of millions for charitable causes.

Business Building

We help businesses to save money on one of the major "costs of doing business" that's out there, while giving back to their local communities - and getting outreach for local marketing all at the same time.

Come to this event if you want to learn more about what can be done around the business sector - and what efficiencies can be found for your own business.

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