What we're about

The road to Wearables starts in UX and better living, goes through battery and ends in fashion..

We invite you to take part in this journey, tap into the tech improving life.

We'll try to bring the technology closer to make it far more useful, intuitive and have it blend or disappear altogether.

Come and take a part in the human re-evolution, and help us look good doing so. We welcome entrepreneurs, product engineers/designers, researchers, gamers, 3D printing professionals, crafters, tinkerers, inventors, gadget creators and/or tech artists engaged with mixed prototyping to converge fashion & technology

We will be holding meetups and hackathons in Israel to introduce and let you try and experiment with new and emerging wearable and ubiquitous tech platforms: Smart glasses, watches, headbands, wristbands, beacons, jewelry, clothes and much more.

Go outside, Breath in life - Hack it, Wear it.

Past events (17)

Masters Of The Sun VR/AR with Pasha Shapiro

Start-Up Nation Central

When Worlds Collide - The Great AR/VR DLD Meetup

BuXa Bar

State of AR / VR Israel 2017

Gesher Theater

AI events @ Google Campus TLV

Google Campus TLV (34th floor)

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