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Sept 2015: "Capturing the Future" in partnership with Best Buy Canada

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Wearable Cameras, Lifelogging, Sousveillance, Bionic Eye Implants, Drones, 360-degree cameras & 3D scanning the focus of September's WWTO.

As far back as our cave dwelling days we have been compelled to document and tell the stories of our lives. We have come a long way since chiseling pictures on rocks with nearly 2 billion ( of us walking around with cameras in our pockets but new technologies such as wearables and drones are taking us even further.

We Are Wearables and Best Buy Canada are pleased to present "Capturing the Future" an event that looks at the evolution of the camera and the documentation of our lives. This event will feature bionic eyes, body worn cameras, drones, 360-degree filming, 3D scanning and more from some of the leading minds and companies pushing the boundaries with camera technology.

This month's event features iON Worldwide, Narrative, Recon Instruments, UHWK, Bubl Technology, DreamQii, DEEP Inc., Proto3000, Vertical, Brizi, Myle and ZEITDICE and will feature talks from Steve Mann, inventor of HDR and the first person to do lifelogging with a wearable camera; the Toronto Police; the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada; Casie Stewart, one of Canada's top bloggers and a pioneer in the social media space; and Dr. Robert Devenyi who performed the surgery of Canada's first "bionic eye" implant.

Food from Pizza Pizza and beer from Amsterdam Brewery will be served during the networking part of this event.

As we expect this event will be popular, you must be a member who is RSVP'd to attend. We will also be starting at 6:50PM as our agenda is packed!


6:30-6:50PM: Doors Open

6:50-7:00PM: Opening Remarks & Welcome - Tom Emrich, Founder of We Are Wearables & Zayn Jaffer, Director of Merchandising, Emerging Business at Best Buy Canada

7:00-7:10PM: "Future Gazing: Wearable Cameras - past, present & future" - Steve Mann, the father of wearable computing & the first person to lifelog wearing a wearable camera as well as inventor of HDR

7:10-7:20PM: "The Toronto Police Body Camera Pilot" - Inspector Michael Barsky, Staff Sergeant at Toronto Police Services

7:20-7:30PM: "Is that thing on? A Q&A on Wearable Cameras and Privacy with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada" - Vance Lockton, Senior Analyst – Stakeholder Relations at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)’s Toronto office

7:30-7:40PM: "Introducing the iON SnapCam" - Giovanni Tomaselli, Founder & CEO of iON America

7:40-7:50PM: "What athletes want" - Shea Kewin, Co-founder & CEO of UWHK

7:50-8:00PM: "Capturing action: smart glasses for an active lifestyle" - Tom Fowler, CMO of Recon Instruments

8:00-8:10PM: "Canada's first bionic eye implant" - Dr. Robert Devenyi, Opthalmologist-in-Chief and Director of Retinal Services at The Donald K. Johnson Eye Center, The University Health Network

8:10-8:30PM: "Wearing our cameras: lifelogging and beyond" moderated by Tom Emrich, Founder of We Are Wearables

• Giovanni Tomaselli - Founder and CEO of iON Worldwide

• Zayn Jaffer - Director of Merchandising, Emerging Business at Best Buy Canada

• Oskar Kalmaru - Co-founder & CMO of Narrative

• Steve Mann - the Father of Wearable Computing and Chief Scientist at Meta

• Tom Fowler - Chief Marketing Officer at Recon Instruments

• Casie Stewart - one of Canada's top bloggers and pioneer in social media

8:30-8:35PM: Closing remarks by Tom Emrich

8:35-10:00PM: Demo area opens with exhibitors:

• iON Worldwide ( - presenting SnapCam a wearable camera

• Recon Instruments ( - makers of Recon Jet and Recon Snow2

• DreamQii ( - makers of PlexiDrone, the world's most portable drone

• DEEP Inc. ( - a multi-platform production company behind the world's first 360 documentary "The Polar Sea"

• Bublcam ( - the world's first spherical camera

• Brizi ( - Fan Cams Controlled by the Fans

• ZEITDICE ( - smart timelapse cameras

• Vertical ( - add-on for drones making complex, epic aerial shots a breeze

• MYLE TAP ( - wearable smart voice recorder

• Proto3000 ( - 3D scanning and 3D printing and rapid prototyping services

• UHWK ( - makers of hockey's first wearable camera

• Steve Mann ( & Ryan Janzen ( - Veillance Dosimeter / Wearable Cameras

A big thanks to this month's event partner Best Buy Canada for helping to make this event possible.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for your continued suport for the community MaRS Discovery District Centre, Uproar PR, EY Canada, Proto3000 and BetaKit

About our Speakers

Zayn Jaffer - As the Director of Merchandising for Emerging Business at Best Buy Canada, Zayn is responsible for developing the growth strategy for the categories of Wearable Technology, Smart Home Control, and Musical Instruments. Leading a team of merchants and product managers, Zayn is focused on driving key product launches, diversifying the product mix, optimizing the in-store experience and creating strong vendor partnerships. Zayn started his career at Best Buy Canada as the Senior Merchant of Laptops in 2005 and quickly grew through the ranks to become the Director of Merchandising in the business categories of Digital Imaging, Computing Solutions, Home Theatre, Home Audio and most currently Emerging Business. Most recently, Zayn’s strategic direction and steadfast leadership were integral in the successful execution of two of the biggest new category launches this year for Smart Home and Wearable Technology. An avid sports fan, when he’s not hard at work, Zayn can be found playing or watching sports and cheering on his favourite Vancouver team – Go Canucks Go!

Giovanni Tomaselli is founder and CEO of ION America and its sister company, World Wide Licenses Ltd. (WWL), which he formed in 1993. For almost 12 years, WWL has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of digital imaging products for leading brands worldwide, including Kodak, Disney and Polaroid. In 2012, Giovanni launched iON and unveiled the company’s first fully waterproof and Wi-Fi-enabled HD sports video cameras. The iON line is designed to make it easy to shoot and share content.

Inspector Michael Barsky is from the Toronto Police Service (TPS). He is currently the second in command of the Toronto Police Service Communications Centre and the Business Project Manager for their Body Worn Camera (BWC) Pilot Project. Inspector Barsky is in his 27th year of policing and has worked in areas from Behavioural Assessment to Homicide. Inspector Barsky has been part of the BWC pilot project since its inception and continues to speak around the Province on issues surrounding the use and application of Body Worn technology in Policing. The Toronto Police Service BWC pilot is currently in its fifth month of a one year project to evaluate whether the use of body worn cameras will prove to be a useful tool for the city of Toronto, and achieve all of the goals they initially set out for the project. Inspector Barsky looks forward to speaking today about the direction their project is heading.

Vance Lockton is the Senior Analyst – Stakeholder Relations at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)’s Toronto office. His primary role involves developing and maintaining strong relationships with private-sector stakeholders, with three primary end goals: (i) encouraging proactive compliance with thePersonal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), (ii) advancing industry awareness of OPC findings, guidance and other materials, and, (iii) increasing the OPC’s knowledge of current industry practices, as well as the challenges faced by organizations and technology developers, as they relate to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Vance has been involved in the privacy field for over a decade, with the last 6 years split between the OPC and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. He holds B.Math. (Computer Science, University of Waterloo), M.Sc. (Computer Science, University of British Columbia), and M.P.P. (Public Policy, Simon Fraser University) degrees, the latter two focused on online identity.

Oskar Kalmaru is the co-founder, US Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Narrative (, the company behind the Narrative Clip, the world’s smallest wearable camera that allows you to live the moment while you capture it. In 2012, Oskar and his fellow co-founders launched the company that now allows thousands of people around the world to capture and share their lives and memories in an authentic way through the Narrative Clip. Oskar has a background in entrepreneurship and public relations. He currently heads up the San Francisco office and is responsible for creating processes for management, engaging in business development across the company, and leading Narrative's marketing efforts in building a world leading consumer brand. Previous to Narrative, during his studies at the Stockholm School of Economics, he founded two companies and was the chief executive officer of Netclips, where he launched Sweden’s first online video community,

Tom Fowler joined Recon in July 2012 and oversees our marketing and sales strategy. Before joining the team, Tom stewarded Cervelo Cycles’ explosive development as its corporate development officer and director of sales and marketing. Tom’s 25-year career has also seen him fill senior roles at Nike and Wilson Sporting Goods.
Tom is a former professional triathlete, and he remains an avid rider, a passionate skier, and an accomplished mountaineer. He earned his BA in history from Middlebury College with a Dean’s List distinction.

Robert G. Devenyi, MD, MBA, FRCSC, FACS. is a vitreoretinal surgeon and Professor of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences at the University of Toronto. He is also the team ophthalmologist for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League. Devenyi is Ophthalmologist-in-Chief and Director of Retinal Services at the University Health Network (UHN), which is affiliated with the University of Toronto. Dr. Devenyi is also the Director of the Donald K. Johnson Eye Centre located at the Toronto Western Hospital, part of UHN. The DKJ Eye Center is Canada's premier subspeciality ophthalmology facility. At the University of Toronto Devenyi directs fellowships in vitreoretinal surgery,[citation needed] researches and publishes in various areas associated with vitreoretinal ophthalmology and focuses on research in retinopathies. He has been featured in numerous television shows, most recently "The Surgeons".

Shea Kewin is the CEO and co-founder of UHWK, a company specializing in the use of wearable camera technology for athletes. As a competitive hockey player and driven by the passion to give back to the game, Shea began by designing products that might make hockey players safer and improve the game of hockey, but quickly realized a smarter player is much better than safer player. Enamored by the way technology can and will revolutionize sports, they have created UHWK with the mission to lead the game.

Casie Stewart is one of Canada's top bloggers and a pioneer in social media space. She made a name her herself as a leader and innovator, capturing the attention of The Wall Street Journal, Marketing Magazine, BNN and more. She brings an exuberant, contagious and positive energy to the world through her work both online and off. She’s worked as an influencer, spokesperson and consultant for some of the worlds leading brands including Canon, Converse, Puma, Pepsi, Ted Baker, Virgin America and more. You can find Casie on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat at @casiestewart or catch her delivering the entertainment news on Sirius XM's Todd Shapiro Show.

Steve Mann is widely regarded as “The Father of Wearable Computing” [IEEE ISSCC 2000]. His work as an artist, scientist, designer, and inventor made Toronto the world's epicentre of wearable technologies back in the 1980s. In 1992 Mann took this invention from Toronto to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founding the MIT Media Lab's Wearable Computing project as its first member. In the words of the Lab's founding Director, Nicholas Negroponte: “Steve Mann is the perfect example of someone... who persisted in his vision and ended up founding a new discipline. (”. Mann also invented the smartwatch videophone ( (wearable computer) in 1998, which was featured on the cover of Linux Journal in 2000, and presented at IEEE ISSCC2000, 2000 February 7, where he was named “The Father of Wearable Computing”. To this day, Toronto remains an international hotbed for the development of wearable technologies. Some of Mann's other inventions include HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging (, now used in nearly every commercially manufactured camera, and the EyeTap Digital Eye Glass ( which predates the Google Glass by 30 years. Now as the Chief Scientist at Meta, a California-based startup, wearable AR glasses will be brought to a mass market. Recently, Steve and his team successfully raised US$23 million in funding to support Meta’s Spacesglasses. Steve received his PhD from MIT in 1997 and then returned to Toronto in 1998 where he is now a tenured full professor at the University of Toronto in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments. During his early years at U of T he created the world’s first Mobile Apps Lab (1999) as a part of his wearable computing and AR course. He is also the Chief Scientist at the Creative Destruction Lab at Rotman’s School of Management. Mann holds multiple patents, and has contributed to the founding of numerous companies including InteraXON, makers of Muse, “The Most Important Wearable of 2014 (”. Mann is also the recipient of the 2015 Digital Pioneer Award (

About our Exhibitors

Bubl Technology Inc. delivers the most innovative 360-degree camera and software offerings in the world. TheBublcam is the world's first spherical consumer camera that provides users with the ability to capture fully spherical photos and videos and share them with anyone, anywhere. Learn more at (

DreamQii is a DMZ-based startup that specializes in personal robotics. DreamQii recently launched their first product, PlexiDrone, on Indiegogo, and quickly became the most successful Canadian crowdfunding campaign. PlexiDrone is small, sophisticated and easy-to-use drone that is operated by a smart phone or tablet and allows users to capture aerial images with unprecedented ease. Learn more at (

Vertical is bringing advanced robotics and computer vision technology to drones. The Vertical 1 is an add-on for any drone that gives filmmakers the ability to automate complex camera control like precisely tracking high-speed subjects at close range. Learn more at (

Recon Instruments, an Intel company, was founded in 2008 and is the world leader in smart eyewear technology for sports and high intensity environments. Recon’s award-winning technology is backed by an extensive patent portfolio and integrates high-contrast displays with state-of-the-art computing platforms and sensor suites. Recon’s smart eyewear technology features an Android-based operating system with an open SDK, empowering developers to create apps for an endless variety of sports and activities. Recon continues to define the smart eyewear category and is dedicated to improving athletic performance and participation in sports. Learn more at (

iON Camera: The iON line of point-of-view video cameras is perfect for everyone who wants to experience life—and then relive the experience. From action cameras to home monitoring, iON captures it all simply and brilliantly.The iON line covers a vast range of highly specialized products, from our flagship Air Pro® to our stealthy CamoCam™ to our iON the home™ video monitoring system. Every product has been designed for simple, intuitive operation. Our action cameras are shockproof, waterproof, and tough as nails, yet they capture the video you want in pixel-perfect HD clarity. The iON team spent years developing and designing cameras and wireless gear for some of the biggest brands in the business, and today we’re proud to put our experience to work for the most exciting brand in imaging. We’re passionate about giving iON customers cameras that exceed their expectations.iON Cameras pioneered the concept of Shoot/Share™ Wi-Fi connectivity in point-of-view (POV) cameras with its aerodynamic and fully-waterproof Air Pro, Speed-Pro, CamoCam, and The Game lines. It has branched into the home with the iON the home system and recently announced the iON SnapCam, a first-of-its kind, tiny, wearable social imaging camera, which will be available in summer 2015. All iON cameras make it easy to capture and share high-definition video and still images, with Wi-Fi connectivity and free cloud storage. Learn more at (

UHWK is specializing in the use of wearable camera technology for hockey players and athletes alike as tool for improving skills and performance. With an entirely new take on "action camera" design, UHWK is poised to empower a new wave of adopters by way of their revolutionary system designed for athletes. Learn more at (

DEEP Inc. is a multi-platform production company that specializes in the creation of innovative transmedia experiences, games and 360 documentary filmmaking focusing on a strong human interest subjects. At DEEP we believe that the future of film and television will be immersive and that an unprecedented revolution in imaging technology is giving rise to a new form of virtual reality based cinema. DEEP has been been pushing the boundaries of 360° immersive storytelling on high profile projects such as Polar Sea 360 and Songs of Freedom with internationally renowned broadcasters, producers and technology partners such as ARTE, GEO, Spiegel TV, the Canadian Space Agency, Primitive Entertainment, Rhombus Media and The Fraunhofer Institute just to name a few. DEEP is led by Thomas Wallner, Emmy Award winning producer, writer and director who has worked over two decades in feature film, television and interactive media. Our highly skilled team of filmmakers, producers, creative talent and software developers cover all aspects of 360 production from custom capture solutions, high end 360 drone photography to visual effects and custom software. Learn more at (

Brizi creates interactive multimedia camera systems for the sports & entertainment industry. We help S&E organizations engage the crowd and monetize social content, by giving any smartphone live access to intelligent fan cams. Fans can have live access via a custom web portal to capture content from a great vantage point, that get spread across social media platforms, as Brizi analytics follows tracks its network effect and delivers audience insights from the data collected. Learn more at (

ZEITDICE is a camera specifically engineered for capturing long periods of time. 3 months on one charge or infinitely with a small solar panel are feasible with this unique, wifi connected & weather resistant device. Setting it up is super easy through it’s functional 26 sided shape, including magnets and a standard tripod mount - just push a button to start. To turn the captured images into a great timelapse video, a free and fun to use software is provided from where the clips can be uploaded to the ZEITDICE cloud storage ready to be shared. A truly streamlined experience to capture, edit and publish timelapse videos. Learn more at (

MYLE is the new wearable personal assistant that automates your mundane tasks. Why reach out for your phone each time you need to add a calendar appointment, log calories, track your spending, or send messages? Save hours each week instead, and focus on what matters. Try MYLE: just tap and speak up. Learn more at (

Proto3000's 3D technologies are changing the world. They fuel creativity and innovation, creating a revolution in the wearable tech industry and many other industries like it. Learn more at (

About our Sponsors

Best Buy Canada ( is a specialty retailer and e-tailer of consumer electronics, personal computers and entertainment software and also operates the Geek Squad ( (, a 24-hour technology support task force. With nearly 200 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across Canada, our store employees and Geek Squad Agents are committed to delivering product solutions that enable easy access to people, knowledge, ideas and fun. Best Buy offers the largest selection of wearable technology and accessories in Canada with more than 200 products ranging from fitness trackers and smart watches to brain-sensing headbands and pet wearables. Best Buy stores across Canada have launched new in-store sections dedicated to wearable technology as well as a newonline wearable tech hub ( with everything you need to know about wearable technology including blogs, product reviews, videos and more.

MaRS Discovery District ( is a mission-driven innovation centre located in Toronto. MaRS works with partners to catalyze, accelerate and amplify innovation. MaRS supports entrepreneurs building Canada’s next generation of growth companies.

Uproar PR ( is an innovative technology public relations and social media agency. Along with its other technology practices, the firm has successfully built brand recognition for its wearable technology clients. Within the wearable space, Uproar works with companies including Thalmic Labs, Bionym, ShotTracker and PUSH. Through Uproar's media relations efforts and experience, these wearables have been featured in media outlets including The Today Show, Business Insider, New York Times and CNBC, just to name a few. The firm specializes in developing campaigns that drive awareness and sales, while creating industry buzz.

BetaKit ( covers Canadian startup-news and tech innovation.

EY Canada ( helps media, technology, telecommunications and retail companies adapt to change, manage risk, meet regulatory requirements, foster product innovation and develop new business models. Our team of experienced industry professionals in Canada and around the world — supported by the EY Global Centres of Excellence — provides a multidisciplinary team of assurance, advisory, tax and transaction services to help you achieve your objectives.

Proto3000 ('s 3D technologies are changing the world. They fuel creativity and innovation, creating a revolution in the wearable tech industry and many other industries like it.

About Our Partners

Belight ( Billy Lee is a Photographer capturing events of our times to be shared and remembered. #event #conference #photography #photojournalist #documentarian #life #technology #wearable #startups #entrepreneurship #education #time #learning #change #better #experiences #humanevolution #involution #balance #awareness #creation #creativity #design Find him at @makingsenses or

Quick Attack Productions ( providing video support for WWTO

Visual Talks ( are a dynamic, spectacular and truly enlightening method of documenting events as they happen. If you’re organizing an event, large or small, and you’re looking for new ways to engage and collaborate with your audience, live scribing (aka graphic recording or whiteboard illustration) is a uniquely powerful tool. It’s an inclusive and immediate way of communicating with groups of any size. It gives everyone in the room a sense that you are working together, contributing to the same vision.

The Amsterdam Brewing Company ( is an independently owned and operated craft brewery that is deeply rooted in the city of Toronto. A pioneer of the craft beer revolution in 1986 and initially called the Amsterdam Brasserie and Brew Pub, The Amsterdam was the first of its kind in Toronto to offer patrons hand crafted lagers and ales that were brewed ‘in-house’. Today they brew over ten different beers including their flagship lager – Amsterdam Natural Blonde, the award winning Big Wheel Deluxe Amber, Boneshaker IPA and multiple year-round and seasonal brews. The Amsterdam Brewing Company uses only traditional brewing methods and their beers are made with four all natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast, and water. All beers are GMO-free, without preservatives, and never heat pasteurized.

Pizza Pizza ( As a restaurant, pizza maker, employer, business partner and caring company, Pizza Pizza delivers. The Pizza Pizza network, including Pizza73, is composed of more than 600 traditional and non-traditional restaurants coast to coast, employing over 3,000 Canadians. We provide a flavourful, varied and high-quality menu to pizza-lovers of all ages and tastes. As a result, our organization has become a leader in the quick service segment of the Canadian foodservice industry, and one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the country.

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