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What we’re about

Since February 2017, this group meets to discuss your burning questions about microservices, Kubernetes, GitOps, container management, visualization, and security, and much more; from intro topics to advanced discussion.

For GitOps, we primarily help users with Flux, a graduated project in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (and its subproject Flagger). This means that the project has met the foundation's scrutiny for sound design, security, user growth, longevity and more.

Enterprise users and customers already trust Flux and Flagger for their app deployments and infrastructure management. You can use Flux and Flagger open source, or through providers such as Weaveworks, AWS, Microsoft, D2iQ, and more.

You can find monthly updates on the Flux Blog and join the conversation on the Flux GitHub Discussions Page.

Check out ourYouTube Channel and ourYouTube Playlist Weave Online User Group for previously recorded sessions.