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Welcome to Weavers of the Web, where we seek to create a space for the Lansing pagan community to learn from and connect with each other. Our aim is to provide the connection and social support that other mainstream faiths get from their churches, so that none need ever be alone.

Our regular event calendar includes discussion/teaching groups, Sabbat rituals, game and craft nights, psychic fairs, festivals and more. All levels and paths are welcome. Some events are donation-based, while others have a nominal fee. All funds go toward our operating expenses and our goal of purchasing property for a permanent Lansing pagan community temple.

During this time of social distancing, we are working on a variety of online options to keep our community connected and cared for. Our Wednesday night discussion groups are on Zoom (https://zoom.us/j/950193167) with livestreaming on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFFoklgLKE70GRENYrel3qw) and recordings and handouts available to Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/solinox) subscribers. We have informal social time before and after these events. Regular rituals are available in SecondLife (http://www.secondlife.com) on Sacred Cauldron (https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sacred%20Cauldron/128/128), home of the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary (http://www.wiccanseminary.edu) where our HPs Solinox Silverstar (http://www.facebook.com/SolinoxSilverstar) teaches. You can also join us on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/8Bm6kfk) for general community chat.

We are continually looking to improve our online offerings. If there's something you'd like to see, just let us know.

Upcoming events (3)

Threads of Wisdom: Water and Chalice

Online event

Join us on Zoom for discussion of Water and the Chalice in our Threads of Wisdom series. Water is the flowing, nurturing connection to death and rebirth, and the Chalice is the container for water that symbolizes the Goddess. Learn about the correspondences and uses for Water and the chalice in the WISE tradition, and bring your own chalices for show and tell.

Our Wednesday night Zoom calls start at 6:00pm for some social time. At 6:30, we go live on YouTube for our main discussion, beginning with a brief devotional practice that includes the Charge, a sharing of positive intentions and gratitudes, and an energetic spin with the Witches’ Rune. Once we finish up with the topic of the week and stop streaming, we usually keep the Zoom call going a bit for more social time.

Can’t make it live? Secure recordings of our discussions are available to Patreon subscribers at the Participating level and above.

The Threads of Wisdom was created by the Golden Thread Grove in Idaho as a teaching tool for Wiccan basics. Our cycle of topics returns each year, so if you miss one, you can always catch it next year.

Visit our website at https://weaversoftheweb.org/event/threads-of-wisdom-water-and-chalice/ for links.

May Pagans Night Out

Wonch Park

Join us for our monthly Pagans Night Out. Each month, we pick a different area business to support (who will also support us in turn!), and get together for food and fellowship. For the first time since we started doing these events, we will be meeting in person! We encourage everybody who is fully vaccinated to join us at the park with your food. For those who can’t make it or aren’t comfortable joining in person, please join our Zoom call for the fellowship.

Blaze Pizza in Frandor will be donating 20% of every order placed on May 13th between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. with our flyer or code 1158A to Weavers of the Web. Be sure to download or print the flyer and bring it with you. If you order online or with the Blaze app, use the code 1158A in the “Coupon” field to trigger the donation.

Ampersand Bakery will be donating 25% of sales from their ICE CREAM SOCIAL themed cookie boxes all month long for the months of May and June. Pre-order at least a week before you would like to pick up, and snag them as dessert for this PNO (and pass on the word about these great boxes)!! No code needed!!

Join us in supporting local business for dinner, and then enjoy your meal at the park or with socially-distanced company on Zoom. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to join us and hang out with fellow mid-Michigan pagans.

Visit our website at https://weaversoftheweb.org/event/may-pagans-night-out/ for links.

Prosperity Ritual

Online event

Join us on Zoom for a ritual experience embracing the energy of the Waxing Moon. We will be doing a Prosperity spell to harness the rising tides of magick in our lives.

For the best online experience, we recommend setting up your own ritual space at home where you plan to be during the ritual. You may want candles, God and Goddess representations, elemental tools, or anything else you have available for a working sacred space. This is optional, but will definitely help you get into the mood.

Have your own cakes and ale ready for grounding after the ritual. We will be doing a prosperity spell, so you will want an item to charge. This can be a piece of money marked with essential oils, a sigil, or even a prosperity jar (any container, decorated by you, possibly containing some pyrite and/or lavender). Chants will be provided during the ritual.

We will also be livestreaming this ritual on our YouTube channel, and secure recordings are available to our Patreon members at the Mothering level and above.

Our Zoom call will open at 6:00pm for social time, and will remain open for a time after the ritual is complete.

Visit our website at https://weaversoftheweb.org/event/prosperity-ritual/ for links.

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Threads of Wisdom: Earth and Pentacle

Online event

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