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IX. WDHR Meetup - The importance of being a noob

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Lucijan B. and Tom K.


The importance of being a noob:
personal and professional development starts outside your comfort zone!

Join us this month for an exciting topic from Luka Kladarić ( who will be talking about lessons learned in his career spanning over 10 years in software development.

His focus will be on situations where he has left his routine in search of new challenges, including the foundation of a New York based startup and his departure from the same.


Luka has been doing computer stuff professionally for well over 10 years. Initially self-exiled from the Microsoft world to PHP, he's since moved on to Python and more recently Java and Objective C. Despises frontend, likes dong talks. Currently Senior Software Engineer at (, formerly CTO/cofounder at ( and developer at ( Ran a small web studio in Croatia with a dozen happy customers. Splits time between Zagreb and New York. Dreams in matrix code.

After the talks, there will be Q&A session where you are invited to participate and ask anything you wish to know about the topic.

After the meetup, you are all invited to stay and hang out at lovely HUB385 (

See you all soon!
Petračićeva 4 · Zagreb
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