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Talks and discussions for everybody who is interested in PHP, NodeJS, SQL, Docker, Databases, Redis, Project Management, Human Interaction and everything else that has to do with Web Engineering.

Talks will be held on English or German, depending on the speaker and the audience.

Beginners, experts, hobbiest or professionals everyone is welcome! Join us!

We are a non-profit Meetup.

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HTTP/2 - The Future is Now && 7 little-known ways to help Google ignore your web

+++ Details +++ Our next Meetup will be on 11th July 2019, we will be sponsored by onOffice and we will have one Talk. Location: onOffice GmbH, Charlottenburger Allee 5, 52068 Aachen The sponsor will provide free drinks and PIZZA! Entry is free! +++ Talks +++ HTTP/2 - The Future is Now - by Christian Schäfer 7 little-known ways to help Google ignore your website - by Karsten Stickel +++ Agenda +++ 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink and socialize 19:00 - 19:10: Welcome 19:10 - ~19:45: Talk + Q&A 19:50 - 20:20: Talk + Q&A 20:20 - Open End: Socialising +++ HTTP/2 - The Future is Now +++ +++ Talk Description +++ 20 years have passed since the IETF introduced HTTP/1.1. At the time web pages were still designed with tables and font tags and they had hardly more than four images per page in total. HTTP/1.1 was perfectly suited to this application scenario. For today's projects, however, HTTP/1.1 is a massive bottleneck. To compensate for its conceptual disadvantages, we developed build processes in which we bundle resources via concatenation, inlining or spriting. In addition, we rely on concepts such as domain sharing and cookieless domains. The good news is: HTTP/2 has arrived and puts an end to the disadvantages of its predecessor. And it is supported by all modern browsers. But it's not enough to just flip a switch. We need to rethink and throw established processes and concepts overboard if we are to get the most out of HTTP/2. +++ About Christian +++ Christian Schaefer (https://twitter.com/derSchepp), known as "Schepp", is a freelance frontend developer from Düsseldorf. Instead of hacking around with JS-Frameworks as almost every other frontend developer currently does, he works on traditional server-rendered component-based systems, uses bleeding edge CSS, has an eye on accessibility and loading and rendering performance of a site. And then he also runs a meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Webworker-NRW/) and a podcast (https://workingdraft.de/). +++ 7 little-known ways to help Google ignore your website +++ +++ Talk Description +++ There are hundreds of ranking factors that Google uses to determine, how good or bad a website should be ranked. Probably all of you have heard of numerous ways to ruin the rankings of your website. Just use oversized images or copy and paste your competitor’s content and the job is done. But if you want to reach the next level of bad SEO, there is more to do. This talk is about some of the little-known ways to keep your website away from good rankings. Of course, everyone who wants to optimize his or her website is welcome, too. Just learn how to avoid these mistakes and achieve better rankings. +++ About Karsten +++ Karsten works as a “Senior SEO Manager” at onOffice GmbH. Since 2012 he focused on SEO for small and medium-sized businesses like real estate agents, lawyers, physicians and craftsmen. He is used to work for clients with a limited ad budget. So he loves low hanging fruits and works with as many long-term optimizations as possible. +++ Parking +++ There several parking lots all around the street. After 18.00 P.M. these can be used without buy a parking ticket +++ Public Transport +++ A bus station is a ~1min walk away from the location

Progressive Web Apps - die Apps der Zukunft && TBA

Bauer + Kirch GmbH - Software and Internet solutions

+++ Details +++ Our next Meetup will be on 19th September 2019, we will be sponsored by Bauer + Kirch and we will have one Talk (two if we find another one). Location: Bauer + Kirch GmbH, Pascalstraße[masked] Aachen The sponsor will provide free drinks and some snacks (Good Weather === BBQ)! Entry is free! +++ Talk +++ Progressive Web Apps - die Apps der Zukunft - by Peter Kröner Second Talk - TBA +++ Agenda +++ 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink and socialize 19:00 - 19:10: Welcome 19:10 - ~19:45: Talk + Q&A 19:50 - ~20:20: Talk + Q&A ~20:30 - Open End: Socialising +++ Talk Description +++ Die Cross-Plattform-Apps der Zukunft sind offlinefähige Progressive Web Apps, die mit Hilfe zahlreicher neuer Webstandards wie Service Workers, Offline-Datastores und Background-Sync von herkömmlichen Webapps zu quasi-nativen Anwendungen mutieren. Wie das genau funktioniert, zeigt dieser Talk! Wir begleiten eine kleine Webapp auf ihrer Reise von einer reinen Webseite hin zu einer App, die sich auf Smartphone wie Desktop als Bürger erster Klasse installiert - alles auf Basis von HTML, CSS und JavaScript. Neben konkreten Technologien und Webstandards geht es auch um die Nachteile von PWA, Architekturüberlegungen, hilfreiche Libraries sowie Devtools und Debugging-Techniken. +++ About Peter +++ Peter Kröner arbeitet als Webtechnologie-Experte in Berlin. Seit 2010 ist er als Trainer und Berater für Themen rund um JavaScript, HTML5 und andere Frontend-Webtechnologien tätig. Zuvor war er lange Jahre selbstständiger Webdesigner und Frontendentwickler. Er bloggt (http://www.peterkroener.de/weblog), podcastet (http://workingdraft.de) und entwickelt Projekte rund um die Technik, die das WWW von morgen antreibt. +++ Additional Information +++ Peter's talk will be entirely in german.

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