Detect Spa in images with Machine Learning && Git Deep: Git’s powerful functions

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Gladbacher Str. 74 · Düsseldorf

How to find us

Check the way to the parking place + sipgate office at

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In April, we will be sponsored by sipgate ( and do an evening with two talks.

• Spa Journey with Image Concepts (by Sayon Kumar Saha)
• Git Deep: A look at some of Git’s powerful, underused functions (by Lauren Robinson)

+++ Agenda +++
• 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink and socialize
• 19:10 - ~19:45: Talk #1 + Q&A
• 19:55 - ~20:30: Talk #2 + Q&A
• 20:25 - Open End: Socialising

+++ Spa Journey with Image Concepts (by Sayon Kumar Saha) +++
An overview of how we solve the problem of providing customized main-images for hotels in the trivago landing page for users searching accommodations relating to a particular concept. The talk focuses on the journey of how we came up with image processing and deep learning solutions to build models for extracting the Spa and Wellness concept out of hotel images. And finally a demo of our model's sense of humor!

Sayon is an image enthusiast based in Düsseldorf. He works in the visual content area of trivago doing data science and Software engineering ( Outside trivago he is a lot into photography ( and exploring computer vision and deep learning technologies.

+++ Git Deep: A look at some of Git’s powerful, underused functions (by Lauren Robinson) +++
Most of us use GIT in our everyday work life. A typical workday involves multiple executions of commands such as git pull, git push, git commit and git checkout. Outside of these commonly used commands, however, are more advanced, powerful, less used features. Git Deep with me, as we explore some of these advanced features and how they, if used correctly, can greatly improve the way we use Git!

Lauren Robinson is a Backend Developer from Kingston, Jamaica, who works mainly with PHP, JavaScript and other web technologies. She is known for being vibrant and full of energy (kind of like that pink bunny that keeps going and going) and is extremely passionate about continuously learning new things and challenging the status quo. While writing code, you may find her rocking out to some awesome tunes and dancing. Super friendly and eager to help whenever she can, she enjoys sharing any knowledge or experience she has gained. Being a Jamaican makes her a natural raconteur, giving her the ability to bring any story to life.

She loves cats, ice-cream, crocheting and a bunch of other stuff!