Why (and how) to use Kubernetes for all your projects && The Essence of Elixir

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Web Engineering Düsseldorf
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Emanuel-Leutze-Straße 11 · Düsseldorf

How to find us

From Düsseldorf HBF: U-Bahn U77 to "Am Seestern", then a five min. walk. When you arrive at the location, go into the building and take the elevator to TYPO3 GmbH.

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In December, we will be sponsored by the TYPO3 GmbH (https://typo3.com/) and do an evening with two talks:

• Why (and how) to use Kubernetes for all your projects (by Michael Duergner)
• The Essence of Elixir (by Sascha Wolf)

+++ Agenda +++
• 18:00 - 19:00: Arrival, get a drink, office tour and socialise
• 19:15 - ~19:55: Talk #1 + Q&A
• 20:10 - ~21:00: Talk #2 + Q&A
• 21:00 - Open End: Socialising

+++ Why (and how) to use Kubernetes for all your projects (by Michael Duergner) +++
Running a full-fledged Kubernetes installation or even using one of the managed solutions from the likes of Google or Amazon is most probably total overkill for your small projects. But with K3s from Rancher, you can get the benefits of Kubernetes without a lot of the complexities. The talk will have some hands-on examples and experiences from installing and running K3s on Scaleway for different types of projects.

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced engineering leader. He started his career as one of the first employees of Aloqa (sold to Motorola) in Munich building backend systems. He founded his own group payment company afterward and worked as a freelancer for several years before founding AMAZE (sold to Zalando) where he served as CTO.
At Zalando, Michael staffed and lead engineering teams in Helsinki, Lisbon, and Dortmund focussing on various different parts of the overall product landscape from customer-facing parts over internal-facing ones as well as pure backend systems handling more than 30k requests / second in peak time.
Michael is currently working as a Director of Engineering at Metro Markets in Düsseldorf leading the engineering organization responsible for building the wholesale business part, including integration of vendors, warehouse management systems and connections to the marketplace.

+++ The Essence of Elixir (by Sascha Wolf) +++
Elixir describes itself as a "dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications" but what does that actually mean?
This talk aims to provide a high-level insight into the ingredients which make up Elixir. To get a better understanding of the problems it tries to solve we will explore the history behind the language and the motivations leading up to its creation.
Using concrete examples the talk will highlight Elixir's key ingredients. Starting with basic syntactic building blocks and ending at higher-level patterns and features, we will see be able to see what makes up an Elixir application.
In the end, it should be clear what makes Elixir tick and why it's a pleasure to use.

During his career, Sascha dabbled with a lot of things: over "classic" Java development, to crafting mobile and responsive web apps, over to building large scalable and resilient backend systems. For the past two years, Elixir has been his language of choice for building aforementioned backend systems.