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You can't spell fundamentals without fun.

Note: At the moment, membership requires organizer approval. This is an attempt to avoid that reflexive joining people do whenever a new meetup pops up in the categories they're interested. There are no requirements to join other than a genuine interest in the group and a willingness to participate. If that's you, please join, and welcome!

We'll meet weekly in Boston to learn about and discuss the fundamentals of web design and development.

This is a "soup to nuts" fundamentals of web design and development meetup.

The overarching goal is to do a comprehensive job of covering all you need to know about HTML, CSS, and the JavaScript language itself - an alternative to the seemingly endless list of overlapping incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain incorrect stuff out there.

We’ll stick closely to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related technologies.

That bit about “related technologies” will allow us to put what we're doing in a broader context.

I'm confident we'll never run out of things to talk about. But, we'll stay clear of anything that is very opinionated or takes us away from core technologies, e.g. specific libraries, frameworks, or platforms. (Preprocessors like Sass are probably the limit.)

Of course you may be interested in other topics too. I'm sure there are other meetups covering those things (and books, websites, etc). If that's what you want to know, and you already know the foundational material that underlies those topics, I would encourage you to join whichever of those groups is best for you. What I think is missing, is comprehensive treatment of foundational topics.

As much as the group is what learning the fundamentals of web design and development, it's also about defining the boundaries of what that means.

If what you're looking for is a solid understanding of the fundamentals of web design and development, this group may be what you want.

There will be a fee for the meetup.

The fee for the group will be $12.50 a month. That will include access to online resources, including comprehensive notes, a dedicated discussion forum, and more. $12.50 will also cover the cost of attending a first in-person meetup. Additional meetups will be an additional $12.50 each. We will have as many as 4 in person meetups a month, depending on interest.

All materials will be posted online, so if you can't attend an in-person meetup, or simply don't want to, this group can still work for you. You can read over notes yourself, try the exercises, and participate in the discussion forum, all without attending the meetup. Each group meetup will focus on a specific topic pulled from the notes. This structure is intended to address a multitude of issues with a group like this including people who live outside of Boston wanting to participate, scheduling conflicts, limited space for attendees, …

I will be posting some general information about fees to the group shortly.

I don't see this as a money making opportunity, but I would like the meetup to pay for itself. Also, there's just something about paying for a thing. If the cost is a hardship for you, let me know. (Also, if after attending you don't think it was worth your money, I'm be happy to refund your money.)

Upcoming events (1)

1: Getting Started

Downtown Crossing

Consider this the beginning a what is essentially an informal class and discussion group. Week-to-week preference for spots at the next meetup will be given to those who attended the previous one. Feel free to skip meetups that you don't feel will benefit you. I'd recommend skipping because you are already thoroughly familiar with the material, not because you don't think it's important. The meetup is intended to be a complete exploration of these core topics. The goal is that you should not need to keep digging for information about the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or be in doubt about what you might be missing. The first meetup is dedicated to all of the things we need to know in order to understand what HTML and CSS are, how and why they do what they do, where they come from. That may sound like a glossy introduction, but it's actually quite technical. The emphasis of of the first 2 sessions is HTML. We'll focus on topics that are typically skipped over entirely. Among other topics, we'll talk about: Plain text and text editors, Markup languages, The HTML and CSS specifications, Hexadecimal notation, Character sets and document encoding focusing on Unicode Entity references, Time allowing I'd also like to cover: Networking including DNS Domain names URLs Web hosting This is the very beginning of web design and development, i.e. the foundation on which everything else is built, including our understanding of web technologies. We will be meeting at a co-working space near Downtown Crossing in Boston (a 1-5 minute walk from the State St. T station.) . Details will be made avaiable to attendees. Please contact me with questions or anything else related to the meetup. I hope to see you there! - Rob