Wonderful WebAssembly and the Future of Computing && Typescript and Warhol.io

Web Meetup Cologne
Web Meetup Cologne
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The sponsor for our event in January will be Silvertours Gmbh

* Matthias Endler: "Wonderful WebAssembly and the Future of Computing"
* Peter Kröner: "Typescript and Warhol.io"

>>> Agenda <<<
• 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get to know each other
• 19:20 - 20:00: Wonderful WebAssembly and the Future of Computing + Q&A
• 20:00 - 20:40: Typescript and Warhol.io + Q&A
• 20:40 - Open-end: discussions and soft drinks

>>> Speakers <<<

>> Matthias Endler <<

Matthias is a programming aficionado from Düsseldorf, feeling right at home in the lower levels of the computing stack.
For his day job, he's working on Website Performance at trivago. At night, he's putting on his Batman cape to write emulators and WebAssembly modules.
He also used to have a YouTube channel called "Hello, Rust!" which he is planning to revive since one year. "It will be back one day", he promises.
Check out his blog at matthias-endler.de or his Twitter @matthiasendler.

__Talk description__
WebAssembly is neither "web" nor "assembly" - but 100% amazing. It is our one chance to build a fast, safe, and universal compilation target for all languages and all platforms.
Let me show you why this is cool and how to get started with WebAssembly in Go, C, and Rust.
We will also learn about up and coming features of WebAssembly (like WASI) that will make it even faster and more versatile. Let's change the way we write software forever!

>> Peter Kröner <<
Since 2010 he is mainly engaged in web technology knowledge transfer. Everything that has anything to do with browsers and frontend technology, even remotely, is his profession - especially when it comes to taking employees to a new level with training and workshops! He is a a freelance consultant, coach and involved in projects like the working draft podcast and warhol.io.

__Talk description__