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1st Linked Data Meetup London

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Hi all,

We felt that it's time again to bring the Linked Data community together to an event with talks, demos, discussions and free beer.

This meetup is for people who are interested in learning about Linked Data on the Web, people working on making data available on the web, people building infrastructure and applications for the Web of Data, and people who are interested in how to apply Linked Data technologies within their enterprises.

We will also host two panel discussions with special guests.

Bar opens at 6:30pm (free bar) and Tom Heath 'Linked Data the story so far'. Food will be available (small cost).

We are putting our price money for best semweb-in-use paper at ESWC2009 ( behind the bar, and since it probably wont be enough to buy all of you free beer, our friends at Talis ( were so kind to agree to sponsor the day and are putting more money behind the bar!

Very looking forward to seeing you all in London,

Georgi Kobilarov (Freie Universität Berlin)
Silver Oliver (BBC London)


1:30 pm Welcome

1:40 pm - 3:00 pm Presentation Session 1
Tom Scott / Yves Raimond,
Leigh Dodds,
Andrew Walkingshaw,
Michael Smethurst / Matthew Wood,
Georgi Kobilarov

3:00 pm - 3:20 pm break

3:20 pm - 4:40 pm Presentation Session 2
Nigel Shadbolt,
Libby Miller,
Richard Cyganiak,
Jun Zhao,
Mischa Tuffield

4:40 pm - 5:00 pm break

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm Panel: Government Data

5:45 pm - 6:30 pm Panel: Future of Journalism

6:30 pm Bar opens

7:10 pm Tom Heath : "Linked Data - The Story So Far"

7:30 pm Lightning Talks
Ian Millard,
Stephen Betts / John Muth

open for lightning talks

Bar open to 11pm


"Future Of Journalism" Panel

chair: Paul Bradshaw (Online Journalism)

Martin Belham (The Guardian)
John O' Donovan (BBC)
Dan Brickley
Leigh Dodds (Talis)

"Government Data" Panel

chair: Carol Tullo (Office of Public Sector Information)

Paul Miller (Cloud of Data)
Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton)
Mark Birbeck (webBackplane)
John Goodwin (Ordnance Survey)


Tom Scott / Yves Raimond (BBC)
"Contextualising BBC programmes using the Data Web"
The BBC, following the Linked Data principles, now publishes a URI for every TV and Radio programme it broadcasts this allows people to browser by schedule, genre, format and a-z.
More recently we have published URIs for music artists, animal species and habitats - these pages not only provide useful information in their own right but also allow us to re-contextualise the programme information helping users to discover new content and new patterns.

Leigh Dodds (Talis)
" -- What Is It & What's In It?"
This talk will introduce the project which, supported by the Talis Connected Commons scheme, provides an umbrella project for publishing public domain linked data, with the aim of demonstrating to the original publishers the benefits of Linked Data, as well as a means to build on the community's efforts. The talk will review the project and some of the datasets that have currently been made available.

Andrew Walkingshaw (Timetric)
"Time to build: storing, sharing and analysing statistics with Timetric, a Web-native service for managing numbers"
Timetric is a Web service which lets users upload, download, visualize and set up calculations on over a hundred thousand different measurements, the values of all of which are tracked over time. But how would you build that, and when you have, who'd want it? In this talk, we'll discuss the lessons we've learned in building a service for sharing open data on the Web and in building a business around that service.

Michael Smethurst, Matthew Wood (BBC)
"Rights, Privacy and Linked Data"

Georgi Kobilarov (Freie Universität Berlin / DBpedia)
"Integrating Linked Data"

Nigel Shadbolt (University of Southampton)
"Hard Research Challenges in the Web Of Linked Data: The EPSRC EnAKTinG Project"
The UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has funded a three year two million pound project at the University of Southampton to investigate the challenges represented by the Web of Linked Data. Nigel Shadbolt and Tim Berners-Lee are two of the Principal Investigators on this project. In this brief presentation the projects aims and ambition will be outlined - together with progress to date.

Libby Miller (BBC / NoTube)
"Beancounter - telling you about you"
Increasing automation means that lots of data is available about what you do, including what you watch and listen to. This means that companies or researchers can mine information about your activities and use them to make predictions about what you might like, and what they might be able to sell you. Beancounter uses attention data from multiple sources, enhanced by linked data, to tell you what you are *really* interested in - rather than what you *think* you are interested in. It puts the control about what sources can be mined in your hands, and limits what companies can do with the outputs. Beancounter is a product of the NoTube EU project.'

Richard Cyganiak (DERI Galway)
" - Live Views on the Web of Data"
Increasing amounts of high-quality data are being published on the web of data, but a lack of applications for searching and browsing it makes access and exploration difficult. is a new user interface that improves upon previous ones by offering fine-grained control over source selection, fuzzy entity matching, and schema and value consolidation. is online at ( and provides the fastest way yet to get an overview about the data available on a given topic.

Jun Zhao (University Oxford)
"Linked Data for Connecting Medicine Knowledge"

Mischa Tuffield / Steve Harris (Garlik)
"Making FOAF useful: ( "
Since the beginning of the Linked Data Movement, a fair chunk of the resolvable RDF found on the web has been FOAF data. This talk will involve a brief overview of what FOAF represents, a list of the services we provide, how we go about saving public and private FOAF data, whilst presenting insight into the technologies used to underpin the services on

Ian Millard (University of Southampton)
The application provides a simple interface over multiple Linked Data sources to assist with the discovery and exploration of related activities with the academic research domain.
This talk will briefly summarise issues and experiences regarding interoperation of multiple sources, and outline some of the services we offer that can be used by all.

Stephen Betts / John Muth (BBC)
"Linked Data, Site Search & Horizontal Navigation at the BBC"
We're using a subset of DBpedia as the basis for a BBC controlled vocabulary with two main purposes: 1) site search results pages, aggregating the best BBC content relevant to a given term in the vocabulary, and 2) horizontal navigation, automatic links between pages relevant to the same term.

Tom Heath (Talis)
"Linked Data - The Story so far"