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Speaker Tim Wright - Powering Up Your Code With High Performance CSS and HTML5

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This session will discuss the performance benefits of various CSS techniques including Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS), CSS 3 properties and using advanced selectors to make your mark up shine and perform like you never thought it could.

We'll talk about when OOCSS might be good, when it might be bad, prototyping methods and offer some best practice tips to speed & clean your code.

We will also cover how using HTML 5 can not only make your life easier, but make your applications more responsive, user friendly and lightning fast.

Tim Wright is a Web Interface Designer at Boston University where he builds, designs and implements various sites and applications for the University while finding a balance between design and development.

He has been working online as an advocate for accessibility, standards and the open Web since 2004. He frequently writes for the online publication sites: Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot, Noupe, and SitePoint.

You can find Tim hanging out online at his site,, where he blogs about CSS, JavaScript, design tip & tricks and Web standards, or on Twitter, "@csskarma".

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