Capturing Speed of User Experience Using UserTiming API


Sergey Chernyshev will talk about the challenges of capturing accurate metrics around speed of user experience and how instrumenting your application using UserTiming API can help. He will give a brief overview of automated metrics that are captured by the browser and show how custom metrics, specific to features of your user interface can help your teams better relate to these numbers and help more directly align them with user interface optimizations.

Sergey will show how to use native UserTiming API to mark specific events and measure differences between these marks on Performance Timeline. He will also introduce UX-Capture JavaScript library to help simplify and unify this instrumentation across your site. We will also look at debugging process using Chrome Developer Tools and how metrics captured with UserTiming API can be automatically picked up by open WebPageTest tool and other synthetic and RUM monitoring tools. We’ll also touch on how UX Capture library can be used to calibrate RUM accuracy using synthetic video analysis.

Sergey Chernyshev (@sergeyche) is web a performance enthusiast, open source hacker and web addict. He works as a principal engineer at Meetup and organizes New York Web Performance Meetup Group, local community of web performance geeks in New York and helps kick-start local groups about Web Performance around the world. Sergey teaches a live on-line course about performance with O'Reilly and often speaks on performance-related topics at various local New York events and global conferences, including Velocity and QCon.

Meetup is hosting us again. And they still have food and beer!

As always, we are going to have geekaways with geeky prizes provided by our sponsors.


6:30 - Arrive at Meetup, meet other members
6:45 - Event starts
7:00 - Capturing speed of User Experience using UserTiming API (Sergey Chernyshev)
8:00 - Q&A
8:15 - "Books and Stuff" geekaways
8:30 - Open Discussion, Networking


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