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This month we have a few talks with Facebook's Web Performance team!
After the talks we'll have a Q&A session.

Session #1: Measuring Component-level JavaScript CPU Costs

Long gone are the times when the network was the main performance bottleneck. With all this JavaScript nowadays we’re often CPU-bound. It makes sense then to measure the “price” of every JavaScript module/component and keep them under control. All you need is a headless Chrome + Puppeteer and a desire to poke into JSON trace files.

Speaker: Stoyan Stefanov (@stoyanstefanov)

Stoyan is a PerfPlanet maintainer, creator of SmushIt, YSlow 2.0, author of "JavaScript Patterns" and "React: Up & Running"

Session #2: Transpilation, Minification, and Other Magic

Facebook’s static resources system transforms hundreds of thousands of files in minutes to serve in production. Find out how we transpile, minify, and inject magic APIs into our resources to both let developers move fast and ship performant code in the wild.

Speaker: Nick Gavalas

Nick is a software engineer at Facebook working on web performance and resource delivery.

Session #3: Managing Code Size at Facebook

Facebook’s codebase is huge and code size is a common factor in many of the web performance problems we face. We’ll provide an overview of the approaches and tools to manage our code size, covering topics such as: running a size budgeting program, exploring our dependency graph, and getting signals and debugging impact on pull requests.

Speaker: Artur Galiullin

Artur is a Software Engineer at Facebook working on internal performance tools. Recently, has been working on a new e2e platform to help teams take full control of their code size (or any other graph size) throughout its complete lifecycle and run budgeting programs.

Session #4: Seeing More in Traces

Looking at performance trace data in a typical timeline, waterfall or flame graph visualization can be helpful to identify issues, but creating specialized visualizations for specific information domains can help make your performance tools more insightful to more users. I'll talk about some alternate ways we visualize performance data at Facebook to bring an intuitive understanding of perf issues to more than just perf experts.

Speaker: James Friend

James works on web perf at Facebook, applying his background in user experience design to performance tooling. He's also into music production, indie game dev and retro computing.

This event is at Facebook, they also sponsor food and drinks for the event!

As always, we are going to have geekaways with geeky prizes provided by our sponsors.


6:30 - Arrive at Facebook, meet other members
6:45 - Event starts
7:00 - Web Performance at Facebook (Stoyan Stefanov, Nick Gavalas, James Friend, and Artur Galiullin)
8:00 - Q&A
8:30 - "Books and Stuff" geekaways
8:45 - Open Discussion, Networking


770 Broadway
New York, NY

Directions on Google Maps: http://bit.ly/36pBsYw

Entrance on StreetView: http://bit.ly/335x2Ek

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