WebXR Week: The Immersive Web & AI

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Join us for a series of talks on how AI is making XR an even more powerful medium. We’ll begin with an overview of how to think about artificial intelligence and it’s applications in XR, followed by talks that introduce different AI products into the XR ecosystem.

1. Intro to Artificial Intelligence in XR: Hugh Seaton, Aquinas. Hugh will outline the three ways XR developers, designers and entrepreneurs should be thinking about AI, and give some examples, including an open source Unity plugin Aquinas are developing for data capture & encoding
2. AI Assistants: David Gene Oh, Samsung Bixby. David will talk about AI assistants and what Samsung is doing
3. Conversational Interfaces: Jeff Meador, Portico True Talk. Jeff will talk about how Portico is using their amazing conversational interface for employee training in XR.

See you there!
• 6pm - Doors open
• 6:45pm - Opening remarks
• 7pm - Talks start
• 8pm - Lightning demos and talks, networking
• 9pm - Doors close, goodnight!

More on Aquinas:
We produce a learning platform that integrates learning and real work goals & contexts to create breakthrough performance. Learning is delivered immersively as well as traditionally. Aquinas are pioneers in the use of XR in learning, both through product development and community support through meet ups and the NYVR Expo each October.

More on Portico:
Portico TrueTalk AI lets leaders and managers practice and hone their soft skills beyond in-person training. With Portico TrueTalk, learners can practice conversations directly with digital avatars and receive immediate feedback and insights on their performance.
This talk introduces you to Portico’s advances in artificial intelligence and immersive reality. We cover:
• The benefits of scalable role play simulations
• How Immersive Reality adds value to soft skills training
• Use cases: Hospitality and Leadership/ Management
• An overview of tools used to build these immersive role play simulations
More on Samsung Bixby:
Meet Bixby, the smarter way to get things done. Say a command, identify what you're looking at or set a reminder just by pressing a button. Whatever you need, Bixby it.
• Bixby is an intelligent, personalized voice interface for your phone.
• It lets you seamlessly switch between voice and touch modes.
• Just speak using natural language and Bixby will execute your command.

About the meetup:
The SF WebXR meetup is a regular event aimed at sharing the awesomeness of an open ecosystem for web-based virtual and augmented reality. If it works in the browser, it's welcome here!
A-Frame, ReactVR, BabylonJS, Three.js, JanusVR, PlayCanvas, WebAssembly,
- and more!

PRIMARY GOALS (1) Education (2) Collaboration and (3) Networking

Beginners and experts alike welcome! It's a great place to learn the basics of using the open web for VR and AR projects.