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Web11's underlying mission is to share a new way of systemic thinking that can transform all corners of the web into decentralized and accountable self-sustaining networks. We stand for giving user's full agency of their own data and simultaneously giving ecosystems agency to have a voice. This can be achieved with 'Smart Ecosystem Engineering' using high-end tech solutions like smart contracts, Blockchain and IOT.

We are a community of technology enthusiasts, that believe in pro-active approaches to mitigating and adapting to the fast-paced technological changes that alter our social and cultural and natural environments. Our purpose is to create a network of multi-disciplinary minds who share our vision and want to contribute with their knowledge and experience.

This year we kicked-off our year of 'Smart Ecosystem Engineering' with the third annual Web11 Conference. The conference served to introduce the Web11 initiative to associates from various disciplines and demonstrate case-specific examples.

following this conference, we will be organizing bimonthly open forum sessions to discuss implications of the Movement. Choosing a topic at each meeting to focus on with specialists from this area, we can challenge minds and discuss hurdles to our movement. Join our meetup page to stay up to date with coming themes and talks. Everyone is welcome to make Web11 their own!

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Web11 Conference 2017

Bovenkamer van Groningen

Winter 2016 - Contracts

Blauwe Zaal Duisenberg Building Zernike

Web 11 Conference

Het Paleis


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