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What we’re about

  • Technical speakers
  • Token Toasties
  • Shdwy Super Coders
  • Help for builders

Twitter Hashtag: #Web3Melbourne; @BlockchainRMIT

The weekly hack is a long running web3 crypto meetup in Australia. It is a community operated event which invites builders (developers, hackers and founders) to come along and seek help as well as pay it forward.

We have a few loosely self enforced rules which maintain the health of the ecosystem: no harassment, no price talk and no marketing. 

The event is located at our partners RMIT University with support from the Blockchain Innovation Hub & Activator. It has not historically been recorded. It is a grassroots gathering of curious people, not an industry body, lobby or association. The focus is on giving practical help, at all levels of ability.

Previously the weekly hack assisted folk to learn Solidity, understand DeFi, work on crypto startup POCs and onboard into web3. It provided deal flow to the Flex Dapps Web3 Development Agency - founded by Alexander Ramsey and Tom Nash - who have led our community by example. In order to maintain this culture of decency and technical proficiency we will be inviting selected speakers to update us periodically about areas of importance and evolution within crypto.

The format is a general meetup followed by a brief Q&A (live or prerecorded). It's an informal conversation with domain experts who kindly offer to share their knowledge and it is assumed that those who attend will be similarly generous.

The crowd is one of high intelligence and genuine skepticism/enquiry so we will try and cover areas that both challenge and enlighten them.