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Join us for an evening of wine and cheese as Melbourne's leaders in Web3 present an industry state of play.

Multiple Aussies have attended Web3 Summit in Berlin and Ethereum DevCon4 in Prague and intend to disseminate their learnings for the Melbourne community. The evening will include 4 lightning talks on the cutting edge of Web3 UX, tech, identity and open financial services.

Gendry Morales will be covering what's happening in the global web3 design community including token engineering and user adoption, universal login and meta transactions.

James & Henrik from Apollo Capital will discuss the emerging decentralised open financial system. The combination of smart contacts, stablecoins enabling lending, borrowing, derivative markets and insurance that are all peer to peer.

Tom Nash will review Parity Substrate, "the blockchain in a box" built by Ethereum creator Dr Gavin Wood. Substrate builds upon the achievements from the major blockchain protocols, and uses the lessons learned to give developers the latest technology to build flexible blockchains.

Ryan Miller will cover the Web3 Identity project, a collaboration between Typehuman, The Australian Red Cross and Flex Dapps. He'll also discuss his view of the technical and functional pros and cons of applying Web3 technology to business cases like Mowgli.

About the Web3 Weekly Hack:

Are you interested in Web3 technologies like blockchains, smart contracts and other decentralised systems? Do you want to meet other curious people or even learn to build on Web3 tech?

Well you’ve found the perfect entry point. The Web3 Weekly Hack is an informal gathering of Melbourne’s Web3 devs, hobbyists and learners. There’s no real agenda unless otherwise stated, it's a self directed evening of discussion, coding and fun. We like to sound out our ideas, interrogate problems and build funky stuff.

Hosted by Tom Nash and Alexander Ramsey, founders of Flex Dapps, a sharp Web3 consultancy that works with reputable clients like Type Human, the Australian Red Cross and RMIT Online. Tom is a software engineer who has been working with Smart Contracts and Ethereum since November 2016 and Alex has a background in startups and building odd things.

We are limited to 30 registrations per hack as the core community of 10-25 Web3 Wizards aren’t usually represented on the attending list and we want to ensure the event will still fit inside the venue. If you want to find a community of people whose purpose is to build and learn instead of speculate, then it’s right here.

At the Web3 Weekly Hack you can do things like:
- Find high quality information and start your journey into Web3
- Find people who can introduce you to the broader Australian community.
- Learn how to set up your environment for Smart Contract development
- Learn best practises for developing, like automated tests (they’re super fun trust me) and automatic migrations
- Receive a high level overviews of what’s possible on Ethereum and the challenges you might face in a project
- Make friends!

Check out our Learning resources: https://github.com/Web3-Melbourne/learning-resources
Supported by flexdapps (http://flexdapps.com/), typehuman (http://typehuman.com/), consensys (http://consensys.net/) and RMIT University (https://www.rmit.edu.au/)

Also please join the Discord group where we chat about meetups past, present and future, as well as a bunch of other things like hackathons/news/general scheming: https://discord.gg/HVS7BVE