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Welcome to the WebApp Builders Meetup Group!

Fullstack WebApp Development Weekly Meetup:
Group Study, Tech Talks, Live Coding, Project Review, & Group dicussion.

L.A Eastside (Atwater Village / Glendale)

We are a weekly study group, coming together to improve our skills as full-stack WebApp developers. We study together to keep sharp, code together, and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

Share best-practices with developers building WebApps using the latest backend MVC (MV*) frameworks, together with the latest front-end frameworks. Our environment is very welcoming, both to senior developers as well aspiring full-stack developers alike.

Note on Experience Level:
We are open to all developers -- please come join us! However, this group is intended as a intermediate (and up) group. If you are a beginner, please feel free to join, but the group is geared towards those who are past the basics.

If you've already done tutorials such as Hartl's Rails Tutorial or gone to one the "Bootcamps" such as General Assembly, this is a great group to maintain your skills, keep you up-to-date with software industry best practices, and explore fresh technologies as they emerge.

We are a technically diverse, curious group of developers jumping into web technologies including full-stack frameworks, front-end framework, and build tools as well as DevOps.

Some of the Web Application Frameworks we are looking at:

Laravel (PHP)
Drupal 8

JavaScript Technologies:

Also focused on DevOps and build tools.

AND many more...

*This group is meant for developers. Beginners through professionals are welcome, but please come prepared to learn. We love participation!

**The is not a place to pitch your business ideas, nor for recruitment.

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