WebCore [online]: How to improve the Web, Weird Cookies, Web Platform Quiz #2

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Welcome to the first online WebCore meetup! As usual, no chit-chat, only hardcore tech talks on web fundamentals.

❗ Use this link to join the event: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85021340567

Since this time WebCore is hosted online (you've probably guessed why), you can join from anywhere in the world! Our keynote speaker, Simon Pieters, will join from Sweden to share how we can contribute to the Web Platform today. See below for the details.

The Web Platform Quiz is coming back too! We heard you liked it last time ;)

Finally, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, we have adopted a Code of Conduct. You can check it by the link below. TL;DR: just be nice to each other :)

📅Date & time: 26 May 2020, 19:00 CET

If you want to participate, you can register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85021340567
There will also be a YouTube stream on our channel, but you won't be able to ask questions from there: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6cLpkmhVCFtYNNN1f60jWw


19:00 Virtual doors open, introduction from the hosts
19:15 "How you can improve the web platform" by Simon Pieters
19:50 "The Zen of Cookies" by Maxim Tsoy
20:20 Web Platform Quiz
20:30 Last words and closing


🎤 Simon Pieters, "How you can improve the web platform"

We want the web to be a great platform for developers and users alike. In the 2019 MDN Developer Needs Assessment Report [1], interoperability is among the top pain points for web developers. Learn how to help fix the root problem instead of only working around browser bugs.

Simon is a web standards expert at Bocoup [2] and one of the editors of the HTML standard at the WHATWG, and has spent more than a decade dedicated to improving interoperability on the web through research, standards and tests. He tweets at @zcorpan.

[1] - https://insights.developer.mozilla.org/
[2] - https://bocoup.com/

🎤 Maxim Tsoy, "The Zen of Cookies"

HTTP cookies is one of the most fundamental mechanisms of the Web. If you are doing something even remotely related to web development, you know how cookies work...at least you think you do. In this talk, I'm trying to shed light on (some) dark corners of the cookie behaviour, and give a heads-up on potential pitfalls that I encountered in the last few years.

Maxim has been working with Web Platform features first as a security researcher, and later as a developer. Currently he is the Head of R&D at Surfly, where he has been working on a sandboxing HTTP / DOM proxy for the last 4 years. Maxim also happens to be the organizer of this meetup ;)

🍻This event is sponsored by Surfly. Check them out on https://www.surfly.com

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