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If you build it, will they come?

Despite the rumors you may have heard, you simply can not just put up a web site, and watch people rush to it to see what you have, or to buy what you are selling.

How, then, can you attract people to your web site?

Web Magic Marketers is a group located in Northern Colorado for both "Basic" & "Advanced" level Internet Marketers. If you have a Product, Service, Organization or Cause that you'd like to promote using effective, legitimate, ethical Internet Marketing tools, techniques, strategies and resources, this is the place!

This group meets the first (or sometimes the 2nd) Wednesday of each month.

This group promotes social (in person, not just online!) networking, and an exchange knowledge, experiences, successes, challenges and questions. Come ready to share what you have learned, and to learn from everyone else.

If you have Internet Marketing knowledge, experience or a special interest, and are
willing to share what you've learned in a teaching capacity, PLEASE let me know! Learn more at https://www.physicalproductpros.com (https://www.physicalproductpros.com)

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