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Manipulating live audio and video in the browser

This Meetup is past

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This WebRTC meetup will take us the next step from developing "just" an audio/video conference to manipulating that audio and video with the tools that browser APIs provide us.

We will use WebRTC with ...

• the canvas for pixel manipulation and object recognition,

• the Web Speech API for speech recognition, and

• the Web Audio API for music/audio monitoring and manipulation.

We've put together the following schedule:

1. Business introduction (10min)

This is a new segment that we're introducing into the meetups. We're giving companies that are already doing business with WebRTC a chance to introduce themselves.

• Temasys Communications (Singapore), Visionary Award @ last webRTC World Conference and Expo, Atlanta. Will present a R&D and Consulting Approach to Commercial webRTC Development.

2. Using the canvas to manipulate pixels by Rob Manson

Learn how to grab an image off your camera and change the pixels.

3. Build a security camera and capture the intruders by John Allsop

Watch in awe as John builds a motion activated security camera using only the browser. We'll look at deviceOrientation events, getUserMedia, the HTML5 canvas, and some other HTML5 apis to detect if there's motion nearby, and take and save snapshots with the devices camera

4. Tune your guitar using the browser by Silvia Pfeiffer

We'll show you how to use the Web audio API and getUserMedia for pitch detection.

5. Real-time captioning using browser APIs by John Allsop

Be amazed as we use getUserMedia to capture audio, then the emerging SpeechAPI to turn the audio into real time captions, all with only the browser

Each of the sessions will be accompanied by a GitHub repository that you can clone and use to work along the sessions.