What we're about

Web security is an Israeli group of innovators and developers. Working, studying and innovating on Web Technologies. Web security features free and open sessions, discussions, live meetings and events on Web Technologies and related business opportunities.

If you have an idea you'd like to discuss with other Web experts, or a technology you're eager to share with the world - drop us a note and we'll get you a great stage with eager, vibrant and open minded community!

Use the Ideas panel (http://www.meetup.com/Webitalks/ideas/) to submit your ideas and vote for the most interesting ideas.

Who is this meetup group for?

Students learning mathematics, computer science, engineering, etc. and interested in programming or cool web projects.

Developers, programmers, interactive designers that want to enhance their background and be exposed to new innovative solutions and ideas.

Solution providers and developers who want to create new business connections and find new customers or business opportunities.

Innovators who want to enhance their technical background or stretch their network and find talented, flexible solution providers and developers.

Everyone who wants to present, talk about interesting web technology, showcase creative solutions, share knowledge or raise interesting discussions.

Want to speak, but you don't have a "Speaking Experience"? -- We provide speaker training - FREE!
As a group of speakers we know what it's like to speak for the first time, standing infront of that large audience, heart beat raising, forgetting words... and when it ends, wishing you have done better.

Some of the topic this group find interesting to speak, discuss and talk about -

# Cyber Security

# BYOD (bring and use your own deviec @ the enterprise)
# Web 3D and Game Programming
# C#, .NET in general, Mono.NET, SilverLight
# Java, JMF, Applets
# Scripting: Python, Perl
# JavaScript & HTML (HTML5) & CSS
# Technology in Business - The many roles of successful CTO / Lab manager
# Online Video
# Open Source & Licenses
# Collaboration (design, social, services, real-time...)

# hadoop, Red hat and much more

# Mobile to web IoT

# Server side programming languages# Databases, SQL, scaleability, indexing, etc.

And all other Web or Mobile related technologies.

Upcoming events (3)

Mobile Development - Tools, Frameworks, Languages...?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

A WebiTalk with iPhone, Android, Flash & Web developers around a round table that will discuss and showcase the bits and bytes of creating mobile applications and games.
What is involved and how it's accomplished.
How to target the widest audience.
Can you develop cross-device?
What about migrating existing web & desktop applications to mobile?

Maximizing user experience and earning more
Needs a date and time

Google Campus

Zinga and other big guys are investing lots of efforts to maximize user experience and innovate on the business model side with virtual goods and other stuff. How can smaller game developers can cope with the big guys and which technologies they can use?

Building great mobile websites with Html5, PhoneGap Sencha Touch and more

The mobile app development world is changing, and today we can develop mobile web apps and will perform as good (and even better) than native apps.

Join us to this meetup where you'll be able to learn about all of the different tools that will allow web developers to develop rich and complex mobile web applications.

Speakers :
Dan Berachowitz - CEO of Lotem group -"Current technologies in mobile apps development "
Omer Bar - UX designer (IxD) - "Maintaining great user experience across
different platforms"
Nir Asaf - Developer in Licensario - "When to choose Mobile site over App"

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start-up working with china

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