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WebXR as a Sales Tool - Converting Visitors to Clients

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Braze (formerly Appboy) ( is hosting our WebXRWeek Featured Event.
After an introduction to Braze's vision for VR/AR in the marketing industry by Kevin Wang, VP of Product, Roland Dubois will present his evolving WebVR project with Vonage.

He created a sales tool for a trade show environment, visualizing complex SaaS (software as a service) products in an abstract illustrative way, allowing the client to quickly communicate the core features of their products while the visitor is immersed in the experience.

The first part of the event will be live streamed or taped and posted to The second part will feature demos, discussions, and networking.

Join WebXR New York, Immersive NYC, A-Frame NYC and the Braze team for an immersive event – there will be plenty of pizza, snacks, beer, and other beverages!
318 West 39th Street · New York, ny
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