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TLDR; We are a community of techies who love learning and experimenting together. Check out our video introduction here: https://youtu.be/MPspdQo-png

Flashback to October 2019. Vojta and I had lost track of the agenda at ReactiveConf and were excitedly chatting about the past and future of React. That got us thinking, why can’t we have this outside of the conference? and so the WebMakers group was born.

We feel that most tech meetups have become more about companies than the community. Our premise with WebMakers is that you don’t need to be an expert to share what you know and that you don’t need to be sponsored by a company to be able to do so. Instead, it will be like getting together to listen to a friend talk excitedly about the new thing they built or about how they got saved or screwed by some tech. Almost all the tech that we work on today was built by the open source community so it only seems fitting that we explore and learn about them as a community too.

Overall, this group will not be limited to React or Frontend but about the entire web in general. Ideally, most talks will not be in-depth since long technical presentations tend to be boring but instead be something like “This is the tech, this is what it can do and this is what it can be used for or why it is useful” so that you know such a thing exists and can return to it when you need to. We will also give you the space to share your learning or raise questions about some of the problems you face so that we can come up with a solution all together.

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