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Before you start to build a website, there are a few factors for your considerations. Think about what kind of website you want to create, why are you creating this website and how to create the website. After processing these thoughts and you would've established the intention and purpose, then you are ready to proceed to the next stage.

The easist part is done. Now comes the technical part;

• What is my domain name?

• Am I going to create a blog website or an ecommerce website; or maybe create a blog abd ecommerce website?

• Which hosting should I subscribe to?

• Which CMS should I work with?

• Which content editor so I use?

• Which theme has ready templates on blog and ecommerce?

• Which ecommerce solution should work with?

You can make beautiful blog and ecommerce website with these products:

1. Create a website using Wordpress CMS.

2. Elementor is the ideal content editor with its drag and drop functions.

3. ASTRA is highly recommended theme to use. Easy to install and implement.

4. For ecommerce I would normally go with WooCommerce. Its relatively easy to set up and most importantly, it is widely used so integration is stable and robust.


Well enough said! Feel free to browse some sites and templates created using Wordpress, Elementor, ASTRA & WooCommerce;






If you need to discuss about your goals feel free to contact me at 94509564. Cheers!

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