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Business Owners & Entrepreneurs! This will be the premier Website Success Mastermind & Educational Meetup in The Greater Rochester Area.

Get Website Success! Want to help your business Get Found & Get Clients? Are you interested in meeting up and learning best practices from Business Owners & Entrepreneurs?

Our members are entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and those starting businesses, who want to connect, get the latest information, and collaborate with experienced leaders.

=== Your Organizer ===

Hello! My name is Gary Palmer Jr., and I’m your Organizer! I am an entrepreneur and small business owner. I help people understand technology, and I help them to Get Found & Get Clients.

I am a technology coach. Also, I'm a business & marketing speaker. I talk on topics that entrepreneurs and business owners are interested in, to grow their Websites, increase their visibility, and their clients.

I will be bringing in speakers, and speaking myself, on topics that revolve around systems & success.
Come and learn directly from experts, right here, in the Greater Rochester Area!

Also, I will support you in sharing your business message, meeting new prospects, and creating new alliances with other entrepreneurs and business owners in our area.

Let's build this to be one of the greatest Website Success meetup groups for Bay Area entrepreneurs and business owners, so you can grow your business, and get the Website Success you desire!

The more business owners and innovators you know, the more tips and tricks your can learn to stay in the game; and the more choices and possibilities you have to get found and get clients. The foundation of this group is to support each other in connected and learning, while having fun along the way!

I will market this group, and I would love if you would
help spread the word about this group, too:

=== Purpose of This Group ===

1. Get the insider’s education: learn new skills, tips, tricks, and tools that will grow your Business, your Website, and your Mind-set, so you can thrive in this ever-changing digital economy. Learn that getting and converting traffic to your Website can be done with proven systems, and doesn't have to be hard.

2. Connect in a positive business community: network, meet other business owners and entrepreneurs, learn from each other, find new customers, strategic alliances, referral sources, investors, and even make new friends. Release yourself of doubt in what you're doing, or doubt of what's possible, so you can Get Found and Get Clients.

3. Share resources: no one has to reinvent the wheel. It’s all about working smart, not hard -- and leveraging your time and resources. You have information to share, and we each do, and we all want to help, so we can all win in today's changing digital world.

=== Start Connecting ===

We all succeed through community, so let’s gather together and create win/wins.

After you click the join button, please introduce yourself.
You can start connecting and learning right away!

Join now, and become part of the inner circle of Website Success.

Let me know if you have any questions,

~Gary Palmer Jr.

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