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I am looking to put together a gaming group to play Dungeons & Dragons on Wednesday Nights in Baltimore.
System: 5e
Place: Home, or Gamestore
Setting: Gallyca, Considering Running in Eberron after reading responses.
Starting in: Late February-Late March
Time: 7:30pm - 10pm
POC Friendly/LGBTQ Friendly/Safe Space

Interested? Message me for more info.
I'll consider any interested parties--unfortunately I'm only looking for 3 to 4 players. In this way, messaging doesn't guarantee placement. I'm looking for players who will benefit the most from this experience, and who will give me the tools I need to make this setting the best it can possibly be.

About me:
I'm something of a baby GM--I've only been playing RPGs for about 6 years. Let's just call it fresh.
I run the Gallyca setting on twitch, and am looking to write it as a 5e module this year. As it stands, Gallyca is a Cypher System setting, and I need playtesters to make the transition come to life. I am attempting to write something in which core 5e mechanics will be able to be played seamlessly in the new setting, while creating alternatives for players to explore which help in turn to flavor the world and the experience.

However, after reading some of the survey responses (which you can take here: https://goo.gl/forms/VemjLQUPh9hg7J0q1 -- I'm drawing players from people who complete this), I might run a campaign set in Eberron instead. This saves me time to focus on moving forward to publish my Cypher setting in Cypher, instead of two systems, and allows me to run a game for people who would rather play than focus on a playtest.

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