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Let's Meditate Together
• What we'll do Meditation is awesome. To celebrate its awesomeness - let's sit together and meditate. This meetup will be ~1 hour long and I'll go through the techniques during the class (so absolute beginners are totally welcome). Each meditation is 10-15 minutes long, so we'll break it up a bit. No need to bring anything - just yourself and a positive mental attitude. Email me if you have any questions: [masked] • What to bring Nothing • Important to know

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3207 Lakeshore ave · Oakland, CA

What we're about

What is it?
This is a free weekly meditation sesh that meets on Wednesday nights, 8pm @ 3207 Lakeshore Ave near Lake Merritt. The purpose is to teach introduction to meditation for anyone who is interested and/or curious in developing a consistent practice of their own.

Who is it for?
Young professionals in Oakland who are interested in learning meditation to overcome anxiety, find inner balance, or manage their lives without added stress. There's a career-oriented kick to this style that focuses on using the awarenesses towards making our work lives happier. No religious dogma here - just an open invitation to learn, try it out for yourself, and see if it works for you in your own life.

Why join?
Meditation is the ultimate life hack! And most people know they should meditate - but have a hard time finding their way through all the information out there. There are thousands of styles and apps out there which make it easy to get started - but hard to stay motivated. This weekly sesh offers a structure that gets you over the biggest hurdle - consistency! For many people, going to an actual live class keeps you motivated in a way that phone alerts never will.

Who the hell am I?
My name is Chi and I've been a Buddhist monk for the past 10 years. My sangha & I work within a Western form of practice that is focused on using meditation in our everyday lives - especially at work. We celebrate an eclectic mix of core practices including meditation, mindfulness, career success, martial arts, mysticism, and scuba diving. Quirky, I know! But also really fun. When not meditating, I am a Software Engineer in the Bay Area and enjoy running, playing the drums, and hanging out with my Scottie dog Heruka.

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