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Tired of Tokyo and it's overly packed life style? Want to try out low commitment farming but don't know where to go? Maybe you're interested in picking your own organic produce and learning some of the tools and tricks in the Japanese natural farming methods. Or, maybe you just want to try something different over the weekend as a one-time thing. Either way, farming can be a fun and rewarding activity.

Kokko farm is a gathering of different people who have passion towards pursuing a sustainable life style.
At Kokko farm, we produce our own organic vegetables, eggs, and rice using Japanese natural farming methods, where everything is produced chemical free. Throughout the year, we grow seasonal produce from our own seeds and use old school hand picking methods even for rice.

At Kokko Farm we also own three small chicken tractors with one rooster and nine hens (a few of these hens are endemic to Japan). These chicken tractors are hand made pieces by a Japanese "Miya-daiku" (Traditional Japanese carpenter) that specializes and works closely with university research teams to study and develop ideas on harmonious ecological agriculture.

Come and join our weekend activities at the Kokko farm, and take home some fresh produce in exchange!

*Kokko Farm is located near Omiya, Saitama. From Shinjuku, it takes less than an hour via car, 1 hr 15 mins by public transportation.

Past events (5)

Planting Beans + All you can pick Organic Spinach

Needs a location

Inoculating Mushrooms onto Logs

McDonalds NewShuttle Omiya (within Omiya station)

Organic Rice Threshing

Omiya Station West Exit Seibu Bust Stop (大宮駅西口 西武バス停)

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