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As a certified personal development and executive coach, as well as someone who lost (and has maintained the loss) over 150 pounds, I am creating a safe space of support and accountability for those who wish to embark on or continue their journey. I won’t provide you with the answers you seek, rather guide you to dig deep to find your own. We all know “being told” doesn’t allow for growth and change... its only when we come to our own realization and take back control.

Because we must honor each other and the time commitment being made, this is a paid monthly group. My promise to you is to show up fully, from a place of openness and empathy, to be your accountability partner, to ask you tough, insightful questions and to help you make an action plan each time we part ways.

In return, it is asked that you show up with a willingness to share, grow and develop, that you are respectful of others, as well as their privacy, speak freely and honestly when it is your turn and listen intently when another speaks.

You will need to have a journal with you at each meeting so that you can note your action plan before you leave!

This group will have no more than 10 participants, but in order to be successful, I require 80 percent attendance. If you are experiencing a challenge that prevents you from physically attending, we may be able-location dependent- to video conference 1 person in, but arrangements must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Should you fall short of the 80 percent attendance, we will assume that you have relieved yourself of your commitment to the group and ask that you step down to let another take your place.

I'm honored to join you on your journey!

Peace, Joy and Success to you all, and remember:

Choose Positive Change

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