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Have you tried every diet and weight loss scheme you ever heard of?

Lost weight on them all, eh?

And then found that you gained it back, and then some??

This group is designed to share ideas and acquire accountability partners to help you not only lose weight, but KEEP IT OFF! Each meet-up will have a specific topic of discussion regarding weight loss concepts and principles. The core principles will center around the cornerstones of:

1) Meal Planning
2) Exercise that you can live with
3) Appropriate and varying ideas on Supplementation, and
4) Accountability

We will have a variety of topics of interest regarding weight loss and KEEPING IT OFF:

Why Diet "anything" makes you fat
Varieties of exercise programs for weight loss
Why counting calories doesn't work
What is the relationship between Obesity and Diabetes?
Eating addiction patterns
Sugar and its relationship with Obesity
Now that I have lost some weight, what can I do about this Cellulite?

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Lose INCHES & Weight, Don't gain it back!
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What if you could drop a Dress Size or 2, or more? What if you could drop a few inches off your Pant Size? What if you didn't feel like you were on a DIET, because you are not? What if you didn't have to beat yourself up at the gym, but could gain muscle? It IS possible! Spend 25 minutes and watch this recorded webinar: https://www.fuzemeeting.com/replay_meeting/dd57cad0/5560083 Then, get back with me and I will share with you how to make it happen for you! Happy weekend, David

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