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Making weight loss a part of your spiritual practice will help you lose the weight for good.

If you're a spiritual person, this one missing ingredient is all it takes to succeed at losing weight.

Why? It turns losing weight into a profound experience that affects you on a soul level, rather than just a limitation you have to impose on yourself while you count carbs or calories or points. Weight loss becomes a spiritual wakeup call that can deepen your personal growth every time you catch yourself wanting to overeat.

That gives weight loss extra meaning. As a spiritual person, meaning provides the added incentive to consistently stick to your food plan. You'll finally be able to make the changes to your eating habits that lead to permanent weight loss success.

The starting point is a mindfulness practice: becoming aware of how full we are when we want to eat; then if we are full, we use our desire for food as a point of departure for self-exploration. We ask ourselves what it is we are really seeking that's hiding underneath our desire for food.

The tools we use to get these answers accentuate intuition. They come from hypnosis, shamanism, NLP and body-oriented psychology. These methods are extremely effective for someone like you, with a strong connection to their inner life. Not only will our meetings help you with overeating, addictions to specific foods, and emotional eating, the self-understanding you gain from exploring your hidden motivations will transform every aspect of your life: your work, your relationships, and your relationship with yourself.

You’ll look better, feel better, have more energy and less pain. You’ll fit into your old clothes or be able to buy new ones. (Use the money you save from eating less.) You'll also have greater self-esteem and confidence.

This meetup is led by Mahesh Grossman of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management (BerkeleyHypnosis.com). Mahesh is a clinically certified hypnotherapist who specializes in weight loss. He has helped people lose weight and transform their lives in other ways for more than 20 years. He helps people heal the deepest parts of themselves with a combination of practices from hypnosis, NLP, somatic psychology like Hakomi, psychodrama, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness and shamanism. Mahesh has developed a system that gets to the core issues behind overeating and other habits extremely quickly in a way that makes it comfortable to explore them.

If you have a passion for growing spiritually and psychologically, and you enjoy mindfulness and introspection, join us for an exciting exploration that will change your life.

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Weight Loss as a Spiritual Practice

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End Emotional Eating for Good!

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