Serverless and storage on the Edge: Cloudflare Workers and KV with Ben Chartrand

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Go to Level 5. If there is no one around, sign in using Envoy - enter Andy McDowall as the person you're visiting. Someone will direct you through to the café area for the presentation.

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Imagine a large CDN network with data centres in over 150 locations around the world. This network automatically caches and delivers your content for users that are nearby aka on the edge.

Imagine if, in that same network, you could also have serverless code *and* storage running on every / any one of those endpoints.

Come by and learn all about Cloudflare Workers and KV (Key Value storage) and how they can make your application more performant, save money and globally available.

We'll start by covering the basics of Workers and the shiny new KV (Key Value) storage service.

Then we'll jump into real world examples. For example: in my Azure Functions project I've pushed all my authentication and authorization to the edge. I’ve done the same with pushed whole endpoints (and the data they used).

No knowledge of networking, Cloudflare or DNS is required.